Best Cooking Range In UAE (Dubai) with brand pros & cons

Best Cooking Range In UAE

We all enjoy eating. Whether we like to cook or not, we still need to prepare meals. A cooking range will always be a need, whether you live alone or with a family, whether you enjoy cooking or not. Among all other kitchen appliances, it would always be in the lead. It helps to properly cook the meal, evenly distribute heat throughout it, and enhance the flavor of your cuisine.

No matter how much you enjoy cooking or how little, you still need the greatest cooking range for your sweet little home in the UAE to beat the morning rush. You still need a competent one to manage household tasks whether or not you spend most of your time in the kitchen. Your kitchen range will thus let you efficiently prepare a great assortment of foods on time.

With all the different types, such as options of gas or electric cooking ranges, and the number of burners they have to offer, there are many choices available in the market when it comes to the best cooking range brands in the UAE. Thus, for you to keep up your everyday cooking routine, picking the ideal cooking range is important.

Best Cooking Range In UAE

Important points to ponder over for buying the best cooking range in UAE

There are many competent brands for manufacturing cooking ranges in the UAE, all of which have high standards of quality. You might find it difficult to choose the perfect cooking range in the UAE from all the bewildering alternatives. Thus, to help you decide the right way, we have sorted out a buying guide here today, which covers the main and important aspects you should take into account when buying a cooking range.

So, let’s start with going through the elements you need to be aware of the foremost to select the best one for your kitchen.

·         Type of fuel used:

Based on the fuel type, three types of cooking ranges are available currently, the electric range uses electricity to run, the gas range uses gas for power, and finally, the dual fuel range can run on both gas and electricity. Now when it comes to the choice between gas and electric cooking ranges, depending on what your preference is or what system you possess at your home, you can opt accordingly.

For gas ranges, you must have either natural gas or propane service at your residence. For electric ones, any home with a 220-volt electrical line in the kitchen can use an electric range. If you don’t, you may always call an electrician to install one. But you need to keep in mind that in comparison to a gas range, an electric range is always more expensive.

·         Size of Oven:

This is referring to the size of the oven cavity where the object containing the food to cook, bake, or heat is placed. The size of the ovens varies depending on the cooking range. If you have a large family and frequently need to bake or prepare a lot of food, you need an oven with a greater capacity. Alternatively, you can get one in a lesser size. A modest household will benefit most from an oven of this size.

·         Rotisserie:

It is an advanced as well as a pivotal feature in cooking ranges, specially designed for roasting chicken and meat along with other baking and related cooking needs to lavish your cuisine platter with mouthwatering kebabs and tikkas. An efficient rotisserie provides a uniform grilling effect to all kinds of fleshy food.

·         Number of Burners:

The size of your household and the amount of food you prepare will determine this feature. Choose a range with at least 4 burners if you have a large family and need to cook many dishes at once, that is if you prepare more than 4 or 5 dishes per day. Also, a  cooking range may contain a hot plate in addition to one or more burners. Food can be heated on hot plates, which run on electricity. A hot plate thus can be quite helpful, particularly if your gas runs out.

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Best cooking range in UAE: A quick look

Name and Brand of the best cooking range in UAE Fuel type Burner
Super General Freestanding Gas Cooker Gas 5
Beko Ceramıc Electric Cooker Electric 4
Super General Freestanding Electric Cooker Electric 4
Midea Freestanding Gas Cooker Gas 4
Terim Dual Fuel Cooker Gas and Electric 4
Siemens Freestanding Gas Cooker Gas 4


A detailed list of the best cooking range in the UAE

Following is the carefully curated list of all the reputable cooking ranges available in the UAE.


  1. Super General Freestanding Gas Cooker

With a Super General freestanding gas burner made of stainless steel, you may enjoy cooking and eating healthy at your sweet home very easily. The silver-colored gas cooking range uses a few advanced technological improvements to guarantee its service quality. If you enjoy cooking many dishes at once, for your convenience 5 full safety gas burners with diameters ranging from 6 to 14 cm are included in this particular Super General gas cooking range. It also has a rotisserie where you may roast chicken or other fleshy food of your choice. This modern and sleek gas oven comes with a ‘Splash Protection’ feature to ensure enhanced safety.

This gas oven range with the dimension of 90 × 60 cm, 5 burners, and which has a full flame failure safety function that shuts off the gas flow if accidentally it comes out at any time is an overall star product with a solid combo! Even if you are unsure whether the glass will break, then you can stop being afraid with this one. The oven door on this particular Super General range has two panes of glass that are also made using high-quality materials.


Key features:

  • Three strong cast-iron grids
  • A rotisserie
  • A thermostat
  • A dish-warmer
  • Splash-protective glass
  • A wire shelf
  • 2 oven trays


  • Grill and cast iron grids are simple to clean
  • Easy to operate with the timer
  • Comes with thermostat and auto-ignition features
  • The burner does grilling at ease


  • Wider dimensions are a bit challenging to handle
  1. Beko Ceramic Electric Cooker

You can cook four different dishes at once with a Beko ceramic electric cooking range with a steel finish through ease and style.  This is a multifunction oven with 8 available cooking functions, that comes with a 2-circle roasting zone. You can monitor your food using the built-in light in your oven. The touch panel aids in hassle-free functioning.

Most importantly, with its steam shine cleaning, it has eased all of your worries about scrubbing oil and scraping burnt food out of your oven. What you need to do is only fill the tray with water. It will evaporate, and the vapors will soften & dissolve the sticky oil and residue in your oven, permitting easy cleaning. The glass panel fitted oven door is very simple to clean as well.

Key features:

  • Touch-controlled LED Display
  • Glass-ceramic hob
  • Side racks and crockery trolley with a socket extension
  • Electric grill
  • Interior illumination
  • Beko steam shine cleaning


  • Multifunctional oven with 8 different functions
  • Very easy to clean
  • Removable full-glass inner parts


  • Comparatively expensive


  1. Super General Freestanding Electric Cooker

With this superb electric cooking range from Super General, which is the second member of the Super General family, you may enjoy cooking meals at home resembling those served in the restaurants seamlessly. Made of stainless steel with a gorgeous Inox matte finish and black colored glass panels for a contemporary, timeless design that blends in beautifully with any kind of modern kitchen interior. Everything necessary for an efficient cooking range has been considered for this “Made in Turkey” model, including utility, technology, and aesthetics.

This premium stainless steel electric cooking range features a contemporary appearance and a wired rack for your tasty meat and chicken preparations. A double glass oven door, a cooling fan, and an LED digital timer provide the highest level of safety along with functionality while in use. It has 4 burners and 6 knobs. These are easily manageable, and the ceramic glass on top of that makes this a popular cooking range altogether in the UAE. So, in short, it is simple to use, maintain, and clean.

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Key features:

  • Wired shelf
  • Stainless steel built with ceramic burner
  • A double glass oven door
  • Cooling Fan
  • LED Digital timer


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Advanced functionality
  • Enhanced safety


  • A bit costly
  1. Midea Freestanding Gas Cooker

With the Midea BME62058FFD-D gas cooking range, you can prepare meals fitting for someone like a chef for your loved ones. The gas cooker has four burners, and the oven and grill each have their respective control knobs. You can conveniently use the rotisserie to roast that assorted chicken for your intended sumptuous dinner.

It has the distinguishing feature of having each burner equipped with a flame failure device, which allows the gas flowing through each burner to immediately halt if the fire goes out abruptly at any time. The support of a cast iron pan specifically increases the stability factor.

Key features:

  • The Autoignition option
  • A mechanical timer and lamp
  • The cast iron pan support
  • Flame-failure system
  • A connector for central gas and LPG
  • ‎Option of closed-door gril


  • Top-level of safety
  • Multi-rack support
  • Budget-friendly
  • Enhanced stability


  • Cleaning can turn out to be somewhat difficult
  1. Terim Dual Fuel Stainless Steel Cooker

With four gas burners, including a triple-ring burner, this Terim cooking range can run on both electric and gas fuels. For functional convenience, they are placed apart from one another. The gas hob has cast iron pan supports that offer safety for pots and pans of all shapes and sizes. The appliance has a self-cleaning mechanism that softens grease buildup so that it may be quickly cleaned with normal soapy water.

On the interior of the oven’s walls are catalytic plates placed that are coated with specialized powder. You may make numerous dishes at once, thanks to that. Moreover, the oven heats up fast, saving you the trouble of having to wait additionally for it to preheat. The oven’s walls receive a uniform distribution of heat, resulting in efficient and quality cooking.

Key Features:

  • Dual fuel operation
  • Cast iron pan-supported gas hob
  • Self-cleaning option
  • Automatic ignition
  • Tempered and double-glazed oven door
  • Safety valves present


  • Dual fuel range
  • Produces good-quality conventional cooking
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Additional safety features


  • A bit of a heavy weighted
  1. Siemens Freestanding Gas Cooker

This Siemens 4 Burner Gas Cooking Range in the dimension of 60 X 60 cm is among the well-reputed company’s top products. The Siemens cooking range combines a gas oven with four gas burners: two regular, one economy, and one quick. With their 4 burner technology, you can cook, roast, bake, and fry all at once without wasting any time.


The burner has an eye-catching design and is constructed from premium materials. It is thus made of stainless steel, which imparts strength and style both. This comes loaded with some cutting-edge innovations that visibly raise the appliance’s level of efficiency. This gas burner from Siemens has a digital display. The door’s handle is quite smooth to hold and pull. The intriguing range has a big enough opening and enough room within for the utensils to be placed. This is simple to use and effective for roasting, baking, and cooking.

The Siemens 4 Burner Gas Cooking Range is also resistant to corrosion, which means it won’t catch rust even after coming into contact with liquid materials, which accounts for its durability and is one of its best qualities. This burner has a classy glass cover that is also easy to clean. So, with this multipurpose cooking appliance, you may enjoy your favorite foods with less time assigned to cooking, thus, adding more value to your daily fast life.

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Key features:

  • Stainless steel build
  • A fan inside the oven
  • Digital display
  • Four burner technology
  • Cast iron pan support
  • Control knob for ignition


  • Full flame safety
  • Fast pre-heating
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Glass lid


  • A bit bulkier in shape and size


The apt cooking range makes it possible to cook a sumptuous meal for your friends & family, grill poultry, bake a cake, and do even so much more, quite quickly and effectively all at once. It is thus a perfect companion for all the working women out there who frequently have to cook quickly.

You must pick a cooking range from a wider selection available in the market of UAE. Thus, among the finest cooking ranges in the UAE listed above, you may pick the one that best suits your needs.

Some FAQs:

  1. Which one is better: an electric or gas cooking range?

Both of these fuel kinds as cooking ranges have advantages and disadvantages.

Electric cooking ranges are suitable for baking and are simple to clean. However, adjusting the temperature could seem a little challenging in this case. It is also slightly a bit more expensive than gas cooking ranges.

Whereas, Gas cooking ranges are more convenient than electric ones through the fact that in these you can quickly change the temperature, and also, they use less energy overall. However, on the other hand, it might be a little more difficult to clean.

So, you can choose from one of these options depending on your interests. On the market, a certain dual-fuel range is also available. Though for them, you might need to pay extra, however.

2.       How much does a cooking range cost?

The price of the cooking ranges can vary greatly depending on the type, quality, and brand. However, you can get high-quality cooking ranges in the UAE for anything around 1200 AED and even more than 3000 AED too.

3.       What are the types of cooking ranges based on their configuration?

Different cooking ranges that are presently prevailing in the market, following the most recent designs are-

  • Freestanding Cooking Range: It doesn’t require complicated installation and may be placed anywhere in your kitchen. It is equipped with heat-protecting rear protectors for shielding your wall.
  • Slide-in Range: It fits right in your kitchen and adds style with its opulent appearance. You can slide it wherever you like, as its name implies.
  • Drop-in range: It is mounted and fitted on the cabinets or cupboard as per convenience but does not touch the floor. Installing it could be a bit of a challenge though.
  • Wall oven: The wall oven encloses a small area and is fixed to the wall. It can, however, be fairly pricey.

4.       How do you clean your oven?

The newest models of the cooking range mostly come with auto cleaning. However, in general, you can easily clean your oven using water and dish soap.

In other words, by keeping the oven at a high temperature for about an hour while keeping a small pan of water and lemon juice in it, you may more effectively remove the sticky oil from your range. But, before cleaning, don’t forget to adopt safety protocols.

5.       How is a cooking range different from a cooktop or hub?

Cooktops and cooking range both serve the purpose of cooking meals. However, you can simultaneously prepare various dishes, bake, and grill meat with an oven when using it as a cooking range. The cooktop is comparable to the cooking range but does not have the option of an oven.

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