Best Dishwasher in UAE with the best brand pros & cons

Best Dishwasher in UAE


Do you detest and dread doing the dishes? It’s a common annoyance more or less on a universal level and thus, is such a task that can be quickly crossed off your list with the help of a dependable, efficient dishwasher. Modern, high-tech dishwashers don’t simply wash your dishes; they also sanitize and sterilize them with ultraviolet rays as well as save electricity while doing the work, and also remove a variety of stubborn stains.

Best Dishwasher in UAE

So it can be said undisputedly that modern technology has simplified dishwashing. You may even benefit from certain upgraded innovations like the Home Connect app, which provides smart help and allows you to remotely control your dishwasher and many other smart appliances simply right from your smartphone. This particular kitchen-aid device is expected to last for a very long time and is quite efficient at washing plenty of dishes at once.

So, take the simpler route rather than standing over the sink and manually washing and rinsing dishes with an efficient dishwasher at your sweet abode in the UAE. Just put the dirty plates and glasses in the dishwasher and it immediately starts doing its job with just a few button presses. You can thus consider it a smart investment to purchase the best dishwasher available in the UAE.

Points to keep in mind before buying the best dishwasher in UAE

The following are some essential aspects that should be considered while purchasing a dishwasher in the United Arab Emirates.


An ideal dishwasher should be sleek and stylish, have a universally classy look, should be easy to move as well as handle, and should go well with any kitchen interior setup. So, all in all, it should be both elegant and eye-catching at the same time.



You should invest your money in a dishwasher that is known to be durable and should be serviceable enough for a considerable amount of time. It has to be a reliable piece of kitchen appliance.

In-depth cleaning 

The best dishwashers always provide a higher level of intensive cleaning capability. It is expected to wash all the dishes more quickly and produce more neat and clean plates even after a brief wash period.

Quiet Functioning

A reliable dishwasher will always carry out its assigned tasks quietly and without making an excessive amount of noise. You might feel more at rest and peace by purchasing the best dishwasher that operates silently.


Your budget is another important consideration. Dishwashers are expensive to purchase initially, but they put you at ease and in a tension-free state for a long period. So, you should keep this in mind while deciding your budget that the initial investment, even if seems to be a bit much, will ultimately pave the future pathway for a more comfortable daily lifestyle.

The number of cycles the dishwasher offers

Before buying a dishwasher, check to see if it has the capability of cleaning extremely dirty and oily dishes. See how much or what extent of grease on the plates can be removed from the dishes by washing them. Because this is unquestionably a necessary feature.  Otherwise, what good is buying a dishwasher if you have to do the work yourself, manually cleaning the leftover grease?

Efficient dryer

When you are going to buy a dishwasher, also check to see if it can effectively dry the dishes. Dishwashers typically contain a heating element which is a quite huge metal element that can be heated up to a temperature of 170 degrees. The dishes are then dried by this heated metal object. But the negative thing here is that it can bake the plate’s food residue. And afterward, it may take an eternity to clean out that very baked residue. The concept thus appears to be flawed. In addition, the massive metal object has the potential to melt your plastic dinnerware too.  So be cautious and keep plastic dishes away from it.

However, modern technology has progressed. A  stainless steel tub is used in the latest dishwashers. This stainless steel tub is highly eco-friendly because it neither bakes food residue nor melts plastic dishes. So, in simple words, it effectively removes moisture from plates to keep them looking fresh and clean. So don’t forget to bear in mind that anytime you want to buy a dishwasher, you should make sure it uses a stainless steel tub and dries the dishes efficiently without any additional hassle.

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Best dishwashers in UAE- A quick view

Name and Brand of the best Dishwasher in UAE Place settings capacity Wash programs Product weight
Siemens Free-Standing Dishwasher 12 5 45 Kg
Midea Counter Top Portable Dishwasher 8  




26 Kg

Bosch Free Standing Dishwasher 12 5 54 Kg
Samsung Free Standing Dishwasher 13 6 57 Kg
LG Free Standing Dishwasher 14 8 45 Kg


List of the best dishwashers in UAE

Following is the handpicked list of the best dishwashers available in the UAE after careful consideration for you to check them out one by one.

Siemens Free Standing Dishwasher (Model- SN25D800GC)

The popular brand Siemens is the source brand of our first member on this list, the Siemens freestanding dishwasher. This is a 5 Programs 12 Place settings dishwasher, and it is quite hard to ignore its stunning appearance. It features a sleek, streamlined shape and a silver tint that make it appealing to the eye It operates on an iQdrive motor, which makes it strong and effective, yet quiet while in action. Because it comes with a glass Care system, it is safe and incredibly simple to clean fragile glassware with a great deal of gentleness. You can also load your dishes with ease. With the push of a single button, you can get those clean dishes that you want, saving you a significant amount of time for your family and leisure activities.

This expert dishwasher is nearly maintenance-free, offers shorter program durations with optimal outcomes, and operates consistently as well as quietly regardless of the program. The new-age anti-fingerprint technology strikes out the inconvenience of unwanted fingerprints on the aesthetic stainless steel body. There are unique gadgets at the top of the basket that, when pressed, allow you to change the height of the basket in three phases. It makes loading and unloading quite easier, particularly when using big dishes or platters. Performance has not been sacrificed while energy consumption has made to be decreased significantly. So, this one is a pretty and proficient freestanding dishwasher, that can be used easily and comfortably by everyone. This useful kitchen appliance needs to be installed and comes with a beneficial lifetime warranty against water damage.


  • Aesthetic and efficient
  • Durable build
  • Loading is easy
  • Quiet functioning
  • Anti-fingerprint technology


  • Requires paid installation process

Midea Counter Top Portable Dishwasher (Model- WQP8-3802F-S)

The next one on this list, the Midea countertop portable dishwasher arrives with a few smart features, and the number of cycles is one of them. For each type of load and necessity, there are a total of six cycles in it. As already mentioned previously that when looking for the best dishwasher in the UAE, we should consider the number of cycles, so this particular feature makes this dishwasher from the manufacturing house of Midea Store a star kitchen appliance. This is mostly due to the occasionally difficult and oily dishes which we have to clean diligently. Under the low-pressure cycle, washing these plates is difficult. Due to this, this Midea Dishwasher offers 6 distinct cycles, each with a different purpose and the capacity to wash tough stains and grease.

In addition, this particular dishwasher comes with the capacity to wash extremely delicate dishes or dinnerware, for example, wine glasses, that require special handling, even when done manually. Although many people don’t find the detergent dispenser and rinse agents to be particularly useful features, they come in quite handy when throwing parties at home and both of these are present in this white-colored sleek, and lightweight model of dishwasher. To make life easier while organizing a dinner party, you also can utilize the 30-minute ultra-rapid cycle when doing two loads simultaneously in a small time. Because of its modest size, it can also be placed as well as adjusted anywhere. In case you have enough counter space, it just fits perfectly. Place it close to the sink and you are good to go. Either the water supply faucet or the main water valve under the sink can be used to attach the pipe. The water drainage pipe can also be inserted into the sink. Once you figure out how to position large pots and pans, it can efficiently accommodate them without much hassle.

This kitchen-aid machine operates quietly at 49 dBA and thus actively prevents a great deal of noise pollution. It comes with the There is a feature of 1–24 hours delay feature. The timer allows the user to plan the dishwasher to start between one and twenty-four hours later. Two-layer baskets and a crisp LED display are also present. It has an in-built self-cleaning filter that efficiently eliminates the need for laborious manual cleaning. The 70° intensive cleaning cycle effectively removes 99.99% of bacteria from highly dirty dishes and utensils. Its components comprise 8 place settings. An additional child lock keeps your child’s hands out of the interior of the dishwasher, avoiding events like steam scolding while the dishes are being washed.


  • Self-cleaning filter
  • Two-layer basket
  • Crisp LED display and quiet functioning
  • 1-24 hours delay start feature
  • Value for money


  • The working manual can be a bit confusing for some users

Bosch Free Standing Dishwasher (Model- SMS50D08GC)

This particular dishwasher here, the Bosch SMS50D08GC is a much safer choice for mothers who must cope with their super-lively yet naughty kids.  Do you understand the reason? This is due to the child lock on this Bosch Dishwasher. The highly curious young ones tend to have their hands in everything, so with this particular feature present, you wouldn’t stay too worried about them and the accidental door opening while rinsing. Advanced features like the ‘DosageAssist’ option provides improved cleaning performance and the EcoSilence technology results in a more silent wash.


This stylish freestanding silver-colored model of Bosch dishwasher weighs roughly 54 Kg with dimensions of 60 x 60 x 85 cm, which is comfortably compact. It comes with quite a robust build too as it is made of stainless steel. You can wash the glass dishes with added care with this, which is another critical attribute of this particular dishwasher. Extra care is provided for the protection of glass-made utensils by employing a glass protection technique that modifies the degree of hardness while cleaning following the fragility of the glass. Its efficient load sensor readily recognizes the load and simultaneously requests the appropriate amount of water. As a result, both water and electricity are saved significantly.

After being released from the dispenser, the detergent is gathered in a particular tray on the top basket, where it is fully dissolved. It has a capacity of roughly 13 gallons and uses 234 kilowatt hours of energy annually performing quite satisfactorily. It features a full-panel control console which looks very nice.  Using this particular dishwasher is incredibly simple and at the same time comfortable too. Now coming to a real-time problem, water does, after all, cause the corrosion problem, but Bosch provides a brand assurance of its stainless steel quality and warranty which means that the manufacturer guarantees that your product won’t rust away, at least not very easily, not for a very long time.


  • Durable stainless steel built
  • Large capacity
  • Quiet functioning
  • Reliable


  • The dryer doesn’t work properly at times


Samsung Free Standing Dishwasher (Model- DW60M6040FS)

With the next dishwasher on this list from the efficient manufacturing house of Samsung, you can enjoy a more simple way to clean your dishes with a big, easy-to-read LED display. Even from a distance, you can quickly and easily see the settings, cycle status, remaining time, and progress. It has a 10-liter capacity, making it the most accommodating dishwasher. It is simple to keep an eye on and manage the washing machine’s operation. It is dependable and quite comfortable, as expected coming from a well-known brand like Samsung.  The users can engage in other chores while maintaining the dishwashing function with ease due to the feature of shooter washing time. The silver-colored model weighs roughly 57 kg and it uses 262-kilowatt hours of electricity annually.


Furthermore, a 60-minute long ‘Express Wash’ option substantially speeds up the cleaning and drying of your dishes. It also features certain programs that offer a ‘Hygiene’ option, which cleans everything under real hygienic conditions. By extending the final rinse time and increasing the water’s temperature to 70 degrees Celsius, this Samsung dishwasher ensures more thorough cleaning along with eradicating all the harmful germs and bacteria. You may therefore always use your plates, silverware, and other cooking equipment without getting tensed about harmful microorganisms.

It’s also perfect for smaller loads of less dirty items that don’t need extensive cleaning because it finishes the washing and drying cycle in just 60 minutes, such as cups, dinner plates, and silver cutlery. Also, by allowing you to fill and clean items only in the bottom zone, the ‘Half Load’ setting offers far more versatility. Because of this, you may employ it to conserve energy by running fewer loads and in the process benefit from the convenience of always having clean dishes.


  • Hygienic washing
  • Energy conserving
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable


  • Some users have experienced a few residue issues after a cleaning cycle


LG Free Standing Dishwasher (Model- DFB512FP)

Next comes another giant brand in the market of electronics appliances, LG, with its freestanding Dishwasher which thoroughly cleans dishes from all corners. Plates, pans, bowls, and any other kitchen tools are cleaned by efficient ‘Quad Wash’ technology-aided high-pressure jets and multi-motion spray arms. It has four revolving washing arms that spray water in a variety of directions, reaching even the dishwasher’s farthest corners. ‘ Turbo Cycle’ and ‘Dual Zone Wash’ are the other two distinctive features for washing dishes effectively.

The stacking design of this dishwasher is quite flexible. To suit particular needs according to your dishes, you can customize the cycle type. The upper rack’s height can be altered by three levels. The Inverter Direct Drive Motor runs this dishwasher with relatively quiet operation. This robust motor is long-lasting and has few moving parts, which lasts a long time.


  • Advanced technology-infused design and functioning
  • Robust and durable
  • Flexible racks
  • Effective cleaning


  • Installation should be done separately, not included in the package


In your kitchen, a dishwasher can turn out to be a wonderful appliance that works as a miracle item. Imagine how much time and tension you will save by installing a dishwasher in your kitchen. You will also get to avoid the hassle of washing all those dirty, greasy dishes by hand in the sink. Hygiene and durability are regarded with primary importance. Both of these elements must be taken into account for the dishwasher to be considered the best in the UAE or any other part of the world. Now, durability is useless if your dishwasher doesn’t clean the dishes correctly, even if it is sturdy. Likewise, you won’t spend money on a dishwasher that cleans the dishes but isn’t robust enough to last for an extended period after consuming quite a large investment. Price, however, continues to rank as another crucial issue. What your budget will allow, buy that apt one only. You can invest in any one of the several reputable brands that are offered in the UAE and in that way you might take the advantage of having this effective appliance in your kitchen. The things that you must keep in mind while purchasing a dishwasher in the UAE are given here along with the best choices you might encounter, all of which we hope to aid you in your quest.

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