Best Gaming chair UAE with the best brand pros & cons

Gaming chair UAE

One of the most important factors which we crave universally, consciously and subconsciously both, while doing anything around us is comfort. Now when you spend a significant amount of time configuring and assembling PCs and choosing the top gaming monitor, gaming mouse & keyboard, it is sometimes possible that you got to forget one very significant component of your gaming haven, the gaming chair which you would use practically all the time to operate that setup. And there exactly you would miss the component of comfort which in practical terms would play a crucial role.  The finest gaming chair for PC gamers can give your gaming space some additional weightage and flair but, more importantly, it would support essential body parts like your back and shoulders, which are frequently ignored by less expensive furniture pieces. Your body needs just as much care as your CPU, if not more, when you spend most of the day sitting down, therefore you should put more effort into choosing the right companion for working and gaming times so that you might avoid scheduling your next appointment with the chiropractor.

Best Gaming chair UAE

The best gaming chair, however, might not always be one that is advertised as such. Even when you are simply working on an online project that keeps on consuming time endlessly while sitting in your room in the UAE, binge-watching your favorite series, or using your computer for anything related to work or study, you should make sure that you’re sitting on something perfect for you and your posture even if you’re not playing those intense battles with your game pals. Now, regarding the style, it is up to you whether the particular gaming chair that you want entails a vibrant gamer aesthetic or a more sober appearance appropriate for conference calls, or perhaps comes with a variety of modifications for when you need to relax and recover.

Game players are aware that they are playing a losing game without adequate lumbar support. Even for IT workers, long periods spent in a standard office chair can cause aches you weren’t even aware you had. This is where comes the utility of an apt gaming chair, which are specialized and furnished with adaptable features for the expert PC gamer or a dedicated worker to provide a comfortable base of functioning. And that’s because they’re not only incredibly comfortable—designed to be used for hours at a time without creating any discomfort, soreness, or unfavorable effects—but also help the users to keep the finest posture possible. So, we have here tried to put up everything necessary to think about when looking for a new gaming chair before making the final investment.


Important factors to keep in mind before buying the best gaming chair in the UAE

It might turn out to be a very bad judgment to choose a non-ergonomic chair for your workplace arrangement, where you’ll spend more than 6 to 8 hours each day. To begin with, non-ergonomic chairs are not designed for prolonged use. They are intended for occasional use, such as for 1 to 2 hours each day.

Therefore, if you spend a lot of time sitting down (6 to 18 hours per day), you should utilize an ergonomic chair. So like this, there are many factors to ponder over carefully before purchasing a gaming chair, all of which are described below.

  • Comfort

Comfort is the most crucial consideration when selecting a gaming chair. Finding a comfortable chair that supports your body well is vital because you will be sitting in the particular chair for extended periods. Thus, you need to look for chairs with padded armrests and decent lumbar support.

  • Seat material

The next important thing to consider is the material of the seat. The two main factors regarding the build of the chair i.e., comfort and durability might be impacted mostly by its material. When playing for extended periods, look for chairs with breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you dry and more comfortable. Aircraft-grade seat foam, which is regarded as the best interior foam and can last at least 3 to 4 years without losing its form and shape, can be found in the majority of premium gaming chairs. Whereas, most of the less expensive ones use tend to use polyurethane which is considered to be one of the low-quality interior foams meant for manufacturing gaming seats.

  • The base of the chair
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The next point concerning the overall build of the chair under consideration that you need to think about your gaming chair is its base. It is the one structural component that your entire chair depends on. Furthermore, the base of any revolving chair is generally the first part to break down. The PVC plastic base is typically offered by less expensive gaming chairs. While more expensive, premium chairs tend to come with a base made of aluminum or stainless steel. No doubt, bases made of stainless steel and aluminum are significantly more durable and dependable than PVC bases.

  • Adjustability

Finding the ideal seating position also requires selecting an adjustable gaming chair. Try to find chairs with adjustable seat heights, backrests, and armrests.

  • Recline

Another more concentrated aspect of adjustability as well as overall quality to take into account with gaming chairs is the chair’s ability to recline. Before making a purchase, it is strongly advised to check that the reclining mechanism of the gaming chair is smooth. The reclining range for good-quality gaming chairs is 120° to 135°. More premium chairs, however, may readily recline even up to 180 degrees.

  • Size

Make sure the chair you choose fits you properly. To identify the chair that will suit you aptly, take into consideration both your height and weight.

  • Price

Prices for gaming seats can range from around AED 200 to over AED 500. Take into account your total budget and how much you are willing to spare when choosing a gaming chair.

  • The reputation of a brand

It is advised to do some prior research on the gaming chair brand you are thinking about buying. For information on the chair’s quality and longevity, you can go through user reviews and ratings.


Best cooking range in UAE: A quick look

Name and Brand of the best Gaming Chair in UAE Build Material Maximum weight capacity
Cougar Armor One Gaming Chair PVC Leather 120 Kg
Mahmayi High Back Video Gaming Chair Faux Leather 120 Kg
YALLA Office Gaming Chair Faux Leather 250 Kg
DXRacer Master Series Gaming Chair Microfibre Leather 124.7 Kg
Anda Seat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair PVC Leather 90 kg


A detailed list of the best cooking range in the UAE

Whether they are specifically made for gamers or not, the top gaming chairs in the UAE are listed below.

Cougar Armor One Gaming Chair

The first one on this list is this Cougar gaming chair which is undoubtedly one of the best, only if not the best option to go for anyone looking for a professional gaming chair in the UAE for a prolonged computer or gaming session. First of all, it comes with the greatest of looks, appearing all stylish in a dazzling black color. To be honest, its imposing appearance with Cougar branding on jet black gives off a sophisticated gaming vibe. It’s not inaccurate to say that Cougar’s gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs available online. apart from the stunning appearance, while working or playing video games, the chair also makes sure you are sitting in the proper posture.

This chair exhibits an amazing degree of reclination of the backseat as the said backrest can be turned up to 180 degrees, the figure being the maximum for any of the gaming chairs on this list. Not only that, but Cougar’s Armor One has adjustable armrests too, much like any other high-quality gaming chair. They are simple and easy to move in the X, Y, and Z axes. Therefore, Cougar’s this gaming chair is ideal for you regardless of your status of need. Furthermore, in these gaming chairs, you’ll find a PVC or PU leather polish, which is regarded as a robust and dependable kind of finish giving off the air of long-term durability. Because of the breathable PVC leather upholstery, it is also simple to put together and comfortable to sit in.

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For those beginners starting and looking to test the waters, Cougar’s Armor One is a reasonable investment. Its 2D armrests, however, may only be moved left & right and for height adjustments. Also do note that this particular gaming chair supports users up to 120 Kg in weight, making it better suited for gamers with smaller frames.


  • The reclination extent fully goes up to 180 degrees
  • Comes with a comfortable headrest cushion and lumbar cushions
  • Suitable for people with small to medium-build frames
  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Value for money


  • Larger-framed gamers might be a bit uncomfortable

Mahmayi High Back Video Gaming Chair

The next member of this list, Mahmayi’s High Back Video gaming chair is undoubtedly one of the best gaming chairs under 500 AED if you are on the lookout for a good quality and efficient one under this particular budget. Compared to other gaming chairs with the same or even a few more extra features, they’ll cost you at least 800-1200 AED. Furthermore, this particular gaming chair is incredibly reasonable price-wise and provides quite acceptable quality, much enough to make it even fall into a premium category. Mahmayi’s gaming chair is thus, without a doubt, a good purchase in every aspect of a decent gaming chair in the UAE.

However, just because something falls under a small budget doesn’t always mean it has poorer quality or fewer essential features. Instead, this proficient gaming chair has all the key features you would want from a high-end gaming chair that can act as a full-fledged gaming chair in terms of functionality. The backrest can smoothly recline up to 135 degrees, and the seat can also comfortably rotate to 360 degrees with unfeigned ease. Not only that, but the chair’s best feature is that it comes with a leg that results in allowing you to recline your legs for a more relaxed gaming or any other computer session. Overall, if you’re looking for a well-performing efficient gaming chair with satisfactory features on a budget that doesn’t go too high, this economical chair is a fantastic option to opt for. With all these ergonomic features, you may even take a brief refreshing nap on this chair.


  • Practically functional and robust build
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Leg reclining facility
  • Budget-friendly


  • Armrests cannot be adjusted

YALLA Office Gaming Chair

Here comes another within-the-budget, less expensive gaming chair that works wonders. If Cougar’s Armor One is out of your price range, and if even Mahmayi’s High Back gaming chair also seems to be out of your reach then you might want to prefer the YALLA Office gaming chair instead, which is also a good option to go for.  A fully feature-packed premium-quality chair, this particular model in the black and red color combination offers complete aesthetics, ergonomics, adjustability, and more or less everything else you would expect from a high-end gaming chair, but at a lower cost. This particular gaming chair includes all the functions and ergonomics a true professional gamer requires, rather than focusing solely on the looks. The chair is a total ergonomic package with its soft seat, extra-comfortable back, as well reclining armrest. The maximum weight capacity is 250 kg, which is indeed a giant number, surpassing all its contenders long behind.

As for its quality and foundation, there seem to be no significant complaints. It comes with good-quality Faux Leather upholstery, which is identical to that provided by other manufacturers but at the same time costs 2 to 4 times the same or more. Additionally, the lower base is constructed of premium PVC, which, while not the best, is well acceptable given its price. Overall, if you’re looking for a decent less expensive gaming setup, this gaming chair is the cheapest one on this list and even is among the best in the market in the same context.

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  • Aesthetically nice
  • Functionally great
  • Can hold up to a maximum of 250 Kg
  • Comfortable and durable build
  • Highly value for money


  • Armrest adjustment is not available


DXRacer Master Series Gaming Chair

In contrast to typical gaming chairs, the DXRacer Master Series gaming chair has a built-in headrest pillow and lumbar support. Its design is as modest as a gaming chair can be, making it ideal for those who enjoy minimalist accessories or types of furniture that can also be used in the home or office. It initially imparts a strong resemblance to the appearance of a luxurious vehicle seat, equipped with superior-quality microfibre leather along with a side-mounted dial for convenient lumbar support adjustments. The backrest can recline up to 155 degrees, which can be considered great for taking a nap or simply relaxing during short breaks amidst your heavy schedule of work.

To enjoy the rocking mode of the chair, users can even avail of the tilt option. The feature of the 4D armrests, which can be locked into various positions, is a well-reviewed and positively accepted improvement over prior models. Users up to 6 ft & 2 inches (188.9 cm) in height and 275 lbs (124.7 kg) of weights are perfect to use the chair, according to the manufacturing company.


  • Premium build quality
  • High-end 4D armrests
  • Backrest reclining angle goes up to 155 degrees
  • Comes with a large option of model colors


  • According to some users, adjusting the lumbar support might get tricky at certain times

Anda Seat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair

The Anda Seat Phantom 3 has a removable medium-sized headrest and lumbar cushions, making it suited for gamers or other users under the weight of 90 kg. The chair is made of PVC leather, which is scratch and stain resistant. This gaming chair reclines back to 160 degrees, with the available option of angle locking at several points. Since the 2D armrest may only be adjusted for height, some people might find it inadequate though. Reviewers who have bad posture and back pain from spending a lot of time at a computer recommend the chair since it feels solid once it is assembled.


  • Is made from the same quality PVC Leather found on expensive racing car seats
  • The maximum reclining angle is 160 degrees
  • Recline angle lock in different positions
  • Lumbar and headrest cushions are removable


  • Maximum weight capacity is unexpectedly low, only 90 Kg


Purchasing gaming chairs in the UAE can sometimes prove to be a difficult choice because they can be considered fairly large investments. But it becomes obvious why they are worthwhile when you look at the list of their numerous significant advantages. So, the particular gaming chair that best suits your demands is exactly the one that you can opt for after carefully weighing all the features and your budget. Because you might sit for extended amounts of time when playing video games, comfort is crucial. Your neck and back must be supported by a decent and suitable gaming chair.

Thus, to choose which gaming chair in UAE is best for you, we hope that our effort here might help you effectively. Since there are many possibilities on the market, making a sensible decision is imperative and cannot be taken lightly at all.  Whether you’re an ardent gamer or simply spend a lot of time using computers at work, a nice, ergonomic chair is strongly recommended for you. Because, without a comfortable chair, you can never be at ease when working or playing video games, regardless of how good and powerful your PC is. Now of course, in terms of ergonomics, gaming chairs are the ideal kind of computer chair.


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