Best microwave oven in UAE with brand pros & cons

Best microwave oven in UAE


In today’s era of modular kitchens, one of the most important kitchen appliances is a microwave oven. When this wondrous electronic kitchen companion was first invented, the microwave oven was essentially a heating device only. But with the flow of time, things changed and microwaves of today can do a lot more than just heat things. It is the outcome of breakthroughs and technical advancements mainly along with the increasing necessities of the human race.

Microwave ovens can be used for baking, grilling, and reheating food. These cooking appliances enable you to prepare a wide variety of recipes.  The best aspect is that you can cook easily without spending much of your precious time or effort. The size and capacity of microwave ovens can vary, and you can get the option of several modes of cooking in them as well.

The majority of people use their microwave oven to cook different cuisine items of their preference and perform other related tasks in the kitchen. Overall, a microwave is a highly versatile culinary appliance that may be used to prepare meals more quickly. But to better serve your needs, you should be aware of the many types of microwave ovens before deciding to purchase the best one for your lovely kitchen. There are several functions available for microwave ovens. They can be used to produce a variety of recipes.

Best microwave oven in UAE

Make sure the design and capacity fit your needs following the size of your household. You’ll be able to maximize the value of your purchase. Some versions even have built-in recipes, and these appliances are quite adaptable to accommodate various cooking requirements. Because you only need to click a few buttons to accomplish your goal, these compact devices can prove to be incredibly useful. So, opt for the right one for your kitchen in the UAE and prepare to have some wonderful dishes freshly out of your microwave oven to tease your taste buds scrumptiously.


Attributes to keep in mind while buying the best microwave oven

It might be difficult to navigate the large range of microwave oven models when you decide to buy one and go into a store or start searching online for the same. There are many different designs for microwave ovens. Nevertheless, you can choose based on what you need to cook. However, there are certain crucial considerations you should make while purchasing this particular equipment. Let’s explore the characteristics you should seek in the best microwave oven in the UAE. The following is a brief guide on what to think about when choosing a microwave oven, depending on your needs.

Purpose of use

If you are aware of the purposes for which you will use your microwave, this will help you choose the models to consider.

There are three different kinds of microwaves:

  • Solo Microwaves

These types are entry-level and appropriate for basic use. They work well for simple cooking and reheating.

  • Grill Microwaves

These microwaves come with a few extras and accessories. They can be used to grill both meat and veggies.

  • Convection Microwaves

These are the best ones available in the market in terms of technology and usability. They have a heating element as well as a fan to circulate air. These ovens are suitable for grilling but baking mainly.



A perfect microwave does not have to cost more than you can afford. Generally, the more features and extras you get with a microwave, the more money you have to spend. But we have found some inexpensive microwaves that perform adequately on a tight budget too. So what you need to do is consider the additives you require under your estimated budget.

Oven Capacity

The capacity of these appliances is expressed in liters, and it will let you know roughly how much food you can cook at once. Based on the size of your family and how you want to use this microwave, you need to choose the appropriate capacity.

A solo microwave oven with a capacity of 15 to 20 liters is sufficient for a family of 2 to 4 people. However, an oven with a size of 21 to 30 liters would be appropriate for a grill or convection unit.

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A 25 to 30-liter solo microwave oven will work for a household of four to six people. In the case of a grill or convection unit, an oven above 32 liters would suffice.

Electricity usage

You might choose a unit based on how much electricity it uses. Generally speaking, high-voltage appliances use less energy. You must choose a higher voltage if you use your microwave oven to cook heavy foods frequently or if you are opting for a large unit for a larger family. It is also known as a microwave oven’s power level.


Frozen food will be defrosted by this feature. You can utilize this option for everyday ease of living, for example, if you want to reheat your curry from a few days ago.


The temperature of your oven must be reached a certain level before you can start cooking. To make sure it is hot enough, you will need to turn it on for a while. Preheating is exactly what that means, and you must research how long it takes to do that before cooking your meal. It is suggested to examine this feature closely before making a purchase.

Preset default modes

On different models, you can discover a variety of preset modes on a default basis.  These pre-set modes make it simple to prepare many different dishes. You only need to press a button for the cooking procedure to begin.

Auto cook features

Some microwave ovens have auto-cooking options that greatly ease the procedure. With the help of this feature, you won’t even need to set the power configuration or cooking time. Simply specify the food type, then get ready to chow down.

Control panel

Tact dials, mechanical knobs, and touch screens are all the options available generally. All of them are easy to use. Dials and knobs are present on traditional devices, whereas buttons are present on relatively current models that have touchscreen intermediaries.

Using guidance

Always try to choose a microwave oven model with instructions written on the display so you won’t need to constantly refer to the manual.


Purchase a microwave oven with a large transparent glass so that you can see the food you are cooking from the exterior of the appliance.

Maintenance and Cleaning

There shouldn’t be any cracks or holes inside the microwave since they could collect grease or food. The grill elements are extremely challenging to clean as well. Some of us love stainless steel models but keep in mind that they need special maintenance to keep them free of fingerprints.


You can set the duration of your cooking with this feature. How long the device will run can be readily specified. Depending on the control panel of your model, you can set the timer either using an LCD or LED touch screen, or a knob.

Additional accessories

Different supplementary accessories are included with some microwave ovens. Gloves, various cookware like bowls, utensils, vessels, stands and so much more can be added. Even buying them separately is an option. In the circumstance of you not using the device frequently, certain models additionally include a cover even.

Best microwave ovens in UAE: A quick look

Name and Brand of the best microwave oven in UAE Microwave Oven Type Capacity
Panasonic 25 Liters Solo Microwave Oven Solo 25 Litres
Black+Decker 20L Microwave Oven Solo 20 Litres
Samsung 23 Liters Solo Microwave Solo 23 Litres
LG 42 Liter Neo Chef Inverter Microwave Convection 42 Litres
SAMSUNG MG402MADXBB Grill Microwave Oven Grill 40 Litres


List of the best microwave ovens in the UAE

Now let us take a brief tour of the handpicked list of all the reliable and efficient microwave ovens available in the UAE.

Panasonic 25 Liters Solo Microwave Oven (model no: NN-CT651M)

Make cooking easier and more simplified by bringing the efficient Panasonic solo microwave oven home. The gorgeously stylish built and design is coupled with some great functions like automatic heating so that already-cooked meals can be heated easily. With its turbo defrost option, the microwave quickly thaws meat and poultry, saving you a lot of your precious time.

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This silver-colored 800W Panasonic 25L Microwave oven ensures smooth and effective operations and is powerful enough as well for daily usage. While using this carefully designed cooking device, even your child won’t accidentally hurt themselves, thanks to the child safety lock.

Key features:

  • Option of 9 menus provided for auto cook mode
  • Turn table size is considerably large with a width of 288 mm
  • Lock for effective child safety while in operation
  • Quick start option available
  • Compact and stylishly built 800W solo microwave oven
  • Facilities like auto reheating and turbo defrosting come in-built


  • Swift and simple food reheating
  • Energy efficient
  • Useful auto cook options
  • Extra cooking time can be added without hassle
  • Amiable LED lighting inside of the oven


  • No specific button for opening the door, slightly inconvenient

BLACK+DECKER 20L Microwave Oven (model no: MZ2010P)

There is no denying the necessity for compact yet fashionable, practical, and multifunctional kitchen appliances in the modern world’s modular kitchens. However, in this context, without a microwave, no kitchen would function. A microwave can fit in every kitchen, no matter how big or tiny. The BLACK+DECKER MZ2010P serves this exact function proficiently and thus is one of the best microwave ovens in the UAE. It arrives in a dazzling black color with a chrome finish and is a solo-type, intelligently-designed microwave oven suitable for uniform heating while cooking, food reheating, and de-freezing.

The accommodation for the net cooking area which has a total capacity of 20 liters, is ideal for small families, students in hostels or single apartments, even individuals vacationing in studio apartments, etc. It comes with a 255mm glass turn table, guarantees the product’s durability, and also has a coated cavity. The door is light, thanks to the grip handle’s simple design.

Key features:

  • Multiple timer control
  • Time-freezing option
  • Efficient 35 minutes timer
  • 5 power levels of the microwave
  • Chrome-finished knobs control
  • Cooking end signal


  • It looks exquisitely stunning
  • Fast heating of the food and defrosting
  • Comfortably affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable built and functioning


  • There is no temperature display screen

SAMSUNG 23 Liters Solo Microwave Oven (Model no: MS23K3513AW)

Next on the list is again a solo microwave oven from the well-known electronics appliances house of Samsung. The Triple Distribution System of this 23-liter white-colored Samsung microwave oven uses three heat distribution locations to give you flawlessly cooked meals every time. Along with all the other useful functions of a microwave, the ‘Eco Mode’ in this can save your energy costs a significant amount. Additionally, the ‘Ceramic Enamel Interior’ makes grease and oil very easy to clean with a quick yet simple wipe, so you’re good to go there. And for your peace of mind, a solid 1-year brand warranty comes with this ensuring tension-free usage.

Frozen food is thawed swiftly and uniformly by the ‘Quick Frost’ mechanism. To make the preparation procedure for a certain dish considerably quicker, the automatic defrosting algorithm determines the ideal defrosting time for popular food categories, resulting in the ingredients being ready in mere minutes. So you can enjoy traditional cooking at home utilizing the option of a wide range of regional recipes coming with this oven, thus satiating your appetite with a contented heart. With the simple push of a button, any dish may be made, saving you a considerable amount of your time.

Key features:

  • Safety lock in the panel for tension-free operation
  • Estimates correct defrosting time for 5 common types of food
  • 20 cooking programs
  • 1150 watts for quick-cooking output
  • Automatic deodorization
  • Rust and scratch-resistant ceramic inside
  • The capacity of 23 liters is apt for small families


  • Quick and efficient defrosting
  • Energy efficient Eco mode present
  • Various controlled-heating power settings are available
  • Durable ceramic interior
  • Easy to maintain


  • Sometimes it can be a bit noisy while functioning

LG 42 Liter Neo Chef Inverter Microwave Convection Oven (model no: MH8265CIS)

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Next comes the LG Neo Chef microwave oven which has a 42L capacity. The maximum output for this LG convection microwave’s food heating function is 1350W. Cooking is easy with the inverter technology in this. The LG smart inverter technology that powers this convection microwave oven offers a continuous linear power supply for evenly cooking, reheating, and de-freezing food. It has a modern kitchen-friendly elegant style that blends in perfectly with your setup. A six-point turntable prevents the center items from toppling over or spilling during cooking.

This efficient microwave oven’s accurate temperature control enables it to cook a variety of foods that have never before been possible to achieve so perfectly. The energy-efficient LED lamp in this compact microwave is three times as powerful as those in traditional microwaves. The LG 42L Neo Chef also includes a grill, allowing you to cook restaurant-style barbecued meals without the setup being too hot and messy to handle.

Key features:

  • Even heating while cooking
  • Fast cooking
  • Smart and powerful inverter
  • Antibacterial maintenance
  • Efficient grilling


  • Glass touch technology
  • Smart inverter enables proficient cooking
  • Faster and powerful heating at 1500 watts
  • Easy to clean

Antibacterial layer in the interior


  • Somewhat a bit costly


SAMSUNG 40 L Grill Microwave Oven (model no: MG402MADXBB)

Last but not least one on this list of the best microwave ovens in the UAE is the SAMSUNG 40L grill microwave oven which has a spectacular mirror-designed finish. This second member of the Samsung family on this list enables the user to cook effortlessly, be it preparing delightful meals or heating food in the nick of time. This contemporary and handy microwave oven also has a grill function, giving you more alternatives while preparing those preferred scrumptious meals of yours.

The three-fold distribution mechanism makes sure that the food you prepare is always cooked to perfection. Easy input is provided by an integrated LED touch display.

By conserving up to 40% of electricity, the ‘Eco Mode’ of this Samsung microwave and grill oven can help you save money as well as the environment. By preventing bacterial growth, the oven’s interior ceramic enamel, which is also scratch and corrosion-resistant, ensures cleanliness efficiently. With just pressing a button, you can make several local cuisines from the provided options in the settings. Entering command data and tracking the process or timing of cooking are made simple and easy by the crisp display.

Key features:

  • Exquisitely styled black mirror design
  • The sturdy build material of stainless steel
  • 10 power levels of cooking
  • Efficient touch screen and crisp display
  • Ceramic enamel laid interior
  • Pre-set options for local menus
  • The triple distribution system for even heating


  • Evenly cooks and distributes heat
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Power saving due to the presence of Eco mode
  • Grilling produces perfectly crisp food
  • Stylish black mirror design


  • The power requirement is a bit high




An effective cooking appliance like a microwave oven is practical, dependable, simple to use, and clean, and it contains multipurpose cooking programs like grilling, baking, and even air frying. Thus, one of the most often used kitchen gadgets in your home is probably the microwave. So it makes sense to spend money on one that fits your kitchen, lifestyle and spending limit. Now, as this requires a reasonably significant financial investment the majority of customers tend to be a little fussier and search for the microwave that best suits their requirements, preferences, and way of life in general so that they can save a lot of their valuable time, trouble and money. We hope our little effort here serves this purpose aptly for you.

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