Best Pakistani Restaurant in Dubai Top Customer Rated List

Some of the top Pakistani restaurants with delectable food can be found in Dubai. If you’re a Biryani or Karahi fan, Pakistani cuisine will never let you down. Tourists and locals alike like dishes prepared using traditional spices and cooking skills.

These restaurants serve a wide range of foods and meals. Gosht karahi (chicken and mutton cooked in a spicy veggie gravy), Desi gosht, and other traditional Lahori dishes are available (meat cooked with pulses). It is reasonable to assume that Pakistanis appreciate a wide variety of foods, regardless of the city or nation they are visiting. Pakistani cuisine is noted for its spices and delectable flavors, which can be found in practically the whole of their dishes. As a result, neither of the Pakistani dishes will disappoint you at any time. Traditional desserts and delectable dishes are worth tasting again and again.

Some restaurants provide Pakistani tribal foods including chapli kebab and Kabuli pulao, a rice-based meal with meat, raisins, and caramelized carrots. Let’s take a peek at some of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani eateries to learn more.

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai and believe that you won’t be able to eat Pakistani food there, you’re mistaken. In Dubai, there are a plethora of Pakistani restaurants worth visiting. Would you like to learn more about them? Here’s a summary of the Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai that you should visit on your visit to Dubai:


List of the best Dubai’s Best Pakistani Restaurants

Best Pakistani Restaurant in Dubai

In Dubai’s Pakistani food shops, there are various varieties of meals to choose from. You can’t go wrong with the meat-based delicious BBQs and curries. The menu items differ from one establishment to the next. Take a look at the list of restaurants we’ve posted on the blog depending on the kind of meals they serve.


  • Little Lahore

It is Dubai Marina’s best Pakistani restaurant.

Little Lahore is among Dubai Marina’s greatest Pakistani eateries. Their menu features a diverse selection of fresh, genuine, and delectable Pakistani cuisine. Beef nihari, Peshawari lamb karahi, beef Haleem, and beef paya are some of the most well-known. Furthermore, they serve chicken biryani, lamb biryani, & white rice as rice dishes.


They aren’t just for breakfast anymore. They also serve delicious lunch and dinner options. Laccha parathas, Makai roti, Curry, & Sarson ka Saag are among the other items on their menu. They also provide Mutton Seekh Kebab and Special Mirch Curry. As a result, it is considered one of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani restaurants.


  • Pakistani and Indian cuisines, beverages, and desserts
  • Shahi Dessert, Kadhi Korma, Chicken Spice, Kurkuri Bhindi are the best item(s).
  • For two persons, the price is AED 140.
  • 4.1 out of 5
  • 11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun)
  • Phone: +44 5269322
  • Jumeirah Business Center 1, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai, UB-10, Cluster G


  • Ravi Restaurant

It is the greatest pakistani eatery. Ravi restaurant near Al Satwa is indeed the place to go if you’re seeking desi Pakistani cuisine. It is one of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani eateries. You’ll want to return because of the taste as well as the experience. Pakistani methi meat, chicken biryani, chicken Peshawari, and chicken Karahi are among the dishes served. Also available are cheese paratha, paneer, spicy chicken, and chicken jalfrezi.


Furthermore, the outdoor atmosphere is introduced with a comfortable, well-lit seating area. It provides plenty of space for the family members and therefore is especially nice in the cooler months in Dubai. Inside, the environment is calmer and more relaxed.


Ravi is a popular choice among locals and foreigners in the UAE. Tikka masala, mutton Peshawari, chicken Peshawari, chicken curry, and dal are among the delectable Pakistani dishes available. Come enjoy Pakistani International Day there.


  • Pakistani, Indian, Cuisine, Chinese, and Kebab cuisines
  • Peshawari Chicken, Peshawari Chicken, Mutton Handi, Paya, and Dal Fry are the best item(s).
  • The cost for two persons is AED 65.
  • 4.3 out of 5
  • 5 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. (Mon-Sun)
  • 04 5260519 is the phone number to call.
  • Address: Al Satwa, Dubai, Shop 245, Near Union Cooperative Society, Opposite Al Satwa Roundabout


  • Wakha


Wakha is among al Barsha’s greatest Pakistani eateries. The restaurant serves some of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani cuisine. Top of the list are the Qahwa, Bbq Chicken Curry, Mutton Boti, and Mutton Ribs. Afghani Pulao & Chapli Kabab are also popular among the locals.


Yes, much of their food is Afghani, but  we’re not to let location stand in the way of delicious food. Wakha, which has locations in Barsha and Al Nahda Dubai, was our next place for Chapli Kababs. We would strongly recommend their chops, Afghani Pulao, and Shinwari Karahi in addition to Chapli Kebabs.


The main drawback is the huge weekend lines outside the restaurant as well as the fact that now the food takes a long time to arrive at your table. However, given all of their foods are prepared from scratch, this may not be such a disadvantage after all. Locations Al Barsha & Al Nahda are two cities in Saudi Arabia. The price for two individuals is Dh140 (If you order wisely)


Moreover, the restaurant is extremely popular on weekends and comes highly recommended by locals because to its large serving size, cleanliness, and authentic flavour. It charges 170 ADE each dish for two individuals, which is a very reasonable price.


  • Pakistani, Kebab, and Afghani cuisines
  • Qahwa, Grilled Chicken Curry, Beef Boti, Goat meat Ribs, Chapli Kabab are the best item(s).
  • For two people, the price is AED 170.
  • 4.5 star rating
  • Time: 12 p.m. – 12 a.m. (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun)
  • +97143470788, +97143470788, +97143470788, +97
  • Address: Al Barsha, Dubai, opposite Houston Clinic, near Lulu Hypermarket

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  • Lal Qila

The old Mughlai history of Lal Qila is well-known. It is regarded as one of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani buffet restaurants. Their spectacular buffets, which contain something for everyone, never fail to impress their customers. Grilled Lamb Leg, Cuisine Chicken Curry, & Sheer Khurma are just a few of their well-known delicacies.


Delicious Pakistani food is served in a classic buffet setting at this premium Mughlai themed restaurant. Mughlai, tandoori, and an outstanding live Barbecue station with nice classic Indo-Pakistani cuisine are some of the standout specialties.


They also offer a great ambiance and are one of the greatest buffet restaurants in town. The salad and chat counters are also unique. The staff & manager are courteous and very well.


  • Pakistani, Indian, Asian, and Kebab cuisines
  • Chicken Shahi Biryani, Jeera Murg, Paya Gravy, Kadai Mutton, Haleem are the best item(s).
  • The cost is AED 135 per two individuals.
  • 4.2 out of 5
  • Time: 12:30 – 3:30 p.m., 7 p.m. – 12 a.m. (Mon-Sun)
  • +97143254778, +971529065118, +971551055633
  • Address: Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, near ENOC Petrol Station, opposite Union Flag Area.
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  • Al Ibrahimi Palace

Al Ibrahimi is a restaurant in AlKarama. The restaurant is one of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani buffet restaurants. They serve Indian, Asian Cuisines, Pakistani, and Kebab cuisine. Al Ibrahimi is also known for its buffet, which features authentic Pakistani food. They have the town’s most popular iftar buffet. Furthermore, the buffet features 50 delectable delicacies. Starting with BBQ and moving on to daal, vegetables, and desserts to round out the dinner.


Furthermore, Whole Chicken Biryani & Chicken Achari Karahi are two of their most popular dishes. They do, however, offer a range of foods and dinners, such as Biriyanis and Karrahies.


  • Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, and Kebab cuisines
  • Lamb Karahi, Supper Buffet, Mixed Grill Platter, Kababs, Desserts, and BBQ are the best item(s).
  • The cost for two persons is AED 85.
  • 4.0 out of 5
  • Time: 12:30 – 11:30 p.m. (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact:+97143977070
  • Al Rehan Building, Ground Floor, Opposite Pakistan Supermarket, Street 2 A, Al Karama, Dubai


  • Karachi Darbar Karama

The Karachi Darbar restaurant franchise specializes in Pakistani cuisine. The restaurant is next to the Lulu Dubai store. It is regarded as one of Dubai’s best Pakistani eateries. Peshawari Mutton, Rumali Chapati, and Haleem are among the dishes served. Lassi as well as Butter Chicken are also popular with customers. Karama, a Pakistani restaurant, is ideal for large groups.


The service is prompt, and there is plenty of parking. So relax and enjoy your meal. Furthermore, the prices are affordable. It will cost you around 100 AED to serve two persons.


  • Pakistani, Indian, and Kebab cuisines
  • Peshawari Lamb, Kheer, Keema, Kulfi, Butter Chicken are the best item(s).
  • The cost is AED 100 per two individuals.
  • 3.7 out of 5
  • 5 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. (Mon-Sun)
  • +97143347272, +97143347272, +97143347272, +97
  • Address: Karachi Darbar Karama in Lulu, Dubai, UAE


  • Spinzer

Authentic Pakistani cuisine may be found in Spinzer. It is well-known as one of al Barsha’s greatest Pakistani eateries. Their mutton boti really is in the neighbourhood. Shami Bread Kabab, Achari Lamb, Tandoor Bread, Keema, and Haleem are some of their most popular meals. In addition, their most popular meal is Chicken Karahi with such a delicate Chapati.


Spinzer offers a wide range of Pakistani cuisine, including bun kababs, curries, and BBQ. However, it is due to their Kebab sandwiches that this restaurant has made it onto this list. Kebab rolls, which come in a range of chicken & mutton tastes, are the desi version of fast food wraps. If you’re attempting to keep in shape, these rolls are also available in a Chapati instead of a deep-fried paratha. As a general guideline, don’t forget to request more chutney to really amp up the flavor of those rolls!


Furthermore, the space they enjoy may be a little cramped. As a result, you must make a reservation before entering the restaurant. If you are unable to reserve a spot, delivery is an alternative.


  • Pakistani, Indian, and Kebab cuisines
  • Shami Bread Kabab, Achari Lamb, Tandoor Bread, Keema, Haleem are the best item(s).
  • The cost for two persons is AED 95.
  • 4.0 out of 5
  • Time: 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact:+97143236701,+97143475175,+97143236702
  • Address: Al Barsha, Dubai, Shop 2, Basement, City House 1, Opposite Cassels Hotel


  • Pak Liyari

The finest Pakistani restaurant around Dubai is located in Deira.

Pak Liyari is the top Pakistani restaurant near Deira Dubai because of their mutton biryani with additional masala. Pak Liyari is the spot to go if you’re missing the greatest biryani found on Karachi’s streets. You’ll find wonderful food at the lowest prices you’ve ever seen.


How useful is a compilation of Pakistani eateries if it doesn’t include Biryani? There have been many claims about restaurants claiming to provide the best biryani inside the UAE, but Pak Lyari’s Lamb biryani is a clear victor in my opinion. Pak Lyari, stashed away inside Meena Bazaar, transports you to your childhood only with one piece of their lamb biryani. If you don’t like mutton, the chicken Biryani is also delicious. Of course, your feast wouldn’t be complete without a dessert of Zafrani Kheer.


Furthermore, Mutton Biryani & Chicken Biryani are two of their most popular dishes. Despite the fact that they offer a wide range of dishes and suppers, such as Mutton and Chicken.


  • Pakistani, Biryani, and Kebab cuisine
  • Mutton Biryani with additional masala is the best item.
  • For two persons, the price is AED 40.
  • 4.1 out of 5
  • 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. (Mon-Sun)
  • +97142216970, +97142677223, +971522962240 are the phone numbers to call.
  • Address: Street 21 A, Meena Bazaar, Dubai, opposite Astoria Hotel


  • Sthan

Sthan is named after the cuisines it represents: Pakistani, Indian, and Afghani cuisines. It is one of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani eateries. It also includes Dal Bukhara, Hyderabadi Kheer, and Mutton Haleem, among other delectable Pakistani cuisines.


Due to its extensive menu of Indian foods, the restaurant is also known as Dubai’s best Indian restaurant. Chicken Lentil curry (Butter Chicken), Masala Paneer (Green beans with Cooked Cottage Cheese), & Rogan Josh are just a few examples (Curried Meat).


  • Northern Indian, Punjabi, Mughlai, Afghan, Indian, Biryani, Kebab
  • Kurkuri bhindi, choti champ, Turmeric paneer tikka, Grilled Dhaba Aloo are the best item(s).
  • The cost for two persons is AED 155.
  • 4.4 out of 5
  • Contact: +97143997775 Address: Shop 2 & 3, Al Wasl Building, Beside Civil Defense Station, Zabeel Street, Al Karama, Dubai Timing: 12noon – 11:55 pm (Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun)


  • Karachi Grill

For its authentic Pakistani cuisine, Karachi Grill rightfully belongs on the list of finest Pakistani restaurants in Dubai. At Karachi Grill, you may also order a wide range of prestigious and traditional Pakistani dishes. Chicken Karahi, Melting Cake, Seekh Kebab, & Falooda are among the restaurant’s most popular meals. Their most popular delicacies include molten cakes, skewers, & peri peri.


They have a clean kitchen to protect the safety of the consumers, in addition to serving great food. Hygiene is also ensured by following tight SOPs. In general, the restaurant is a must-visit for a family dinner.


  • Pakistani, Indian, and North Indian cuisines, as well as kebab, biryani, and grilling
  • Chicken Karahi, Peri Peri Beef, Molten Cake, Seekh Kebabs, Skewers are some of the best items on the menu.
  • For two persons, the price is AED 190.
  • 4.2 stars
  • 11:00 a.m.–1:00 a.m. (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact:+97143447000
  • Jumeirah Street, Jumeirah 2, Dubai (near Rashid Bin Bakhit Masjid)


  • Hot  n’ Spicy

All kebab fans should pay a visit to Hot n’ Spicy, which is Dubai’s top Pakistani BBQ restaurant. From delectable tikka & kebab to savoury and enticing malai boti rolls & BBQ Chicken Biryani, there’s something for everyone. The restaurant serves a variety of spicy dishes that are ideal for typical Pakistani palates.


Hot n’ Spicy serves aloo poori and halwa poori alongside channa masala as well as other condiments if you’re searching for a full Pakistani breakfast. Paneer tikka masala and vegetable kadai are two vegetarian options. If you enjoy kebab, you should not miss out on attending Hot N Spicy during your stay to Dubai! It’s worth making a trip right now to sample their delectable kebab selections.

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You can order wonderful Tikka and delectable Kebabs, as well as scrumptious Malai Boti buns. They specialize in serving hot spicy flavored dishes to Pakistani visitors. If you’re going to this eatery, you should try their chicken tikka masala, the greatest veggie kadai, and the delectable BBQ Chicken Biryani.


  • Al Shaiba Towers, Block A, Barsha Heights, Shop 2, Ground Floor
  • AED 95 per two people
  • +971-4-368-8508 is the phone number to call.


  • Bar B. Q. Tonight

This Bar B.Q Tonight Eatery has won a lot of fans in Pakistan, and it’s doing just as well in Dubai. B. Q. Tonight, one of Dubai’s greatest Pakistani restaurants, has a fantastic menu with a wide range of Pakistani dishes ranging from kebabs & tikkas to delectable Karahi.


For those in search of a real serving of Biryani, the chicken biryani offered here deserves special note. Grilled fish tikka, chicken karahi, and paneer tikka are available. You may also indulge in a delectable buffet dish, making it one of Dubai’s most popular Pakistani buffet.


Gulf News readers raved about Bar B Q, insisting that it be added to the list. Because they have an open buffet style, this Pakistani restaurant serves a wide variety of foods. The quality of the Shami kebabs, Reshmi kebab, Malai tikka, and fried fish is excellent, and the taste is delectable. Their chicken biryani tastes delicious as well. Their service is friendly and accommodating. Make sure to finish your meal with certain Gulab Jamun & delicious Shahi halwa, which really is sugar-free and suitable for diabetics.


  • Location: Shop 1–5, Al Hudaiba Awards Buildings, 2nd December Road, Al Hudaiba and Surrounding Areas, 
  • Reach: +971-4342-5272 | +971-4-342-5372 Price: AED 120 for two


  • Truck Adda

Truck Adda is a fun spot to hang out with your friends and family. The location is so dynamic and alive that you’ll want to come back again and again since the pleasant vibes it provides are endless. Many people enjoy their chai-coffee menu, and the distinctive kheer provided in Matka is a delicate reprieve for the sweet craving. At the restaurant, you can get malai boti as well as mutton kebab.


Truck Adda has established itself as one of Dubai’s most well-known Pakistani restaurants to visit right now. This location’s whole environment is energetic and welcoming to all visitors. You will want to return to this location once you have experienced it. Enjoying their tea services is one of the restaurant’s greatest draws. While visiting this location, you can sample a wide range of foods and flavors. They are well-known for its Special Kheer, which is served in a unique matka. While you’re here, order some delectable malai boti and delectable mutton kebab.


  • Ground Level, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Lake Terrace Tower (JLT)
  • AED 105 per two people
  • Contact: +971-56-505-8798 | +971-4242-7862


  • Daily Restaurant

Daily Restaurant, as its name suggests, features some terrific normal cuisine selections that transport you to Pakistan. Because of its proximity to employers, the restaurant sees the majority of its customers during lunchtime, but they’re well.


Daily Restaurant near Dubai offers some delectable and delectable meal alternatives that you would crave throughout the day. This restaurant is conveniently positioned near the workplace for the comfort of those who work in offices. The majority of clients come here during their lunch break from work. With their prices, they are really affordable. Paya Curry is their most well-known specialty dish. You may also sample their delectable Chicken Peshawari and incredible Qorma.


On weekends, it is generally packed with customers searching for a cheap Pakistani lunch in Dubai. The lip-smacking Special Paya Curry is the restaurant’s hallmark dish. This inexpensive Pakistani eatery in Dubai serves chicken Peshawari and qorma.


  • Wasl Ruby Building, Shop 6 & 7, Ground Floor, Opposite Tezko Supermarket
  • AED 80 per two people
  • +971-4323-2341 | +971-4-337-3837 | +971-4323-2341 | +971-4-337-3837


  • Student Biryani

It’s time to celebrate, Biryani fans! In Dubai, you can also try Pakistan’s famed Student Biryani. Among the most famous Pakistani eateries near Al Barsha, the chicken & mutton biryani would be to die for, & they also provide a vegetarian biryani option. At this fairly priced eatery in Dubai, don’t forget to finish your dish with raita and salad.


The unusual name of this eatery comes from its past. Student Biryani was indeed a small roadside eatery that specialized in providing biryani to students. Since then, the restaurant has grown significantly, adding more things to its menu. Despite the fact that their biryani is among the best, we prefer this restaurant because of their Haleem, Shami Kebabs, and scorching hot tandoori roti.


  • Al Barsha, Al Barsha, Shop 3, Ground Floor, SummerLand Building
  • AED 75 per two people
  • +971-4452-9989 is the phone number to call.


  • Barbecue Delights

Barbecue Delights, a popular tourist destination, serves delectable Chapli Kebabs and savory khatte baingan. It’s a fantastic place to take your kids outside for a special meal while admiring the beautiful skyline.


If you stay in Downtown Dubai, keep in mind that an excellent alternative for the finest Pakistani BBQ buffet might be around the corner. Don’t forget to try the lamb chops & seekh kebabs once you’ve entered the restaurant.


  • Location: Sofitel Hotel, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Ground Floor (JBR)
  • AED 130 per two people
  • Call +971-52-193-5143 for further information.


  • Chicken Tikka Inn

Chicken Tikka Inn is among Dubai’s greatest Pakistani restaurants, known for its juicy botis and kebabs as well as its chicken tikka. It also serves traditional foods like haleem, which is served with their famous yoghurt, raita, and freshly baked breads. Chicken Tikka Inn additionally serves Mughlai desserts such as gulab jamun, kheer, and ras malai.


While visiting this location, you can sample a wide range of foods and flavours. You can also attend this location to sample some traditional cuisine, including as Biryani and Haleem. Ras malai, halwa, Gulab Jamun, kebab, botis, & Chicken Tikka are just a few of the popular items on their menu.


  • Shop 3, Basement Level, Saleh Bin Lahej Building, Al Seef Street, Al Barsha, near West Zone Fresh Supermarket
  • AED 100 per two people
  • +971-4-526-0547 is the phone number to call.


  • Nayaab Handi

Check out all the recipes of Nayaab Handi if you’re looking for a grill. Biryani, Kebabs, and Chicken Karahi are among the foods available for a family buffet. It provides the greatest possible service to its visitors. Whenever guests come over there to celebrate the birthdays or weddings, it puts all of its efforts into making it a special day for them. Malai Boti & Palak Paneer are two of Nayaab Handi’s most popular dishes, so don’t miss out on these.

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If you’re looking for some delicious drill meals in Dubai, Nayaab Handi is indeed the best place to go. The best part about with this eatery is that this has reasonably priced alternatives. You will find their services to be quite welcoming, and you will want to return again and again. They also offer a family buffer service with a variety of foods like as Chicken Karahi & kebabs. While visiting this location, you can sample a wide range of foods and flavours. You can also call them to plan wedding receptions, anniversaries, or birthday parties. The Malai Boti and Palak Paneer are two of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.


In addition, they provide takeout, home delivery, and dine-in options. This hotel’s serving price is AED 135 per two persons. Lunch, dinner, and late night are the 3 major categories of meals available. It’s on Al Wasl Road in Al Badaa, close to Al Ghazal Mall and the Iranian Hospital in Dubai.


  • Trio Building, Block B, Al Barsha, next to Grandiose Supermarket
  • AED 100 per two people
  • Contact: +971-4-351-2777 | +971-56-534-3437


  • Karachi Darbar

In the United Arab Emirates, this famed Pakistani restaurant is legendary. Everyone enjoys this crowd favorite.


Behind Lulu Supermarket at the Karama Shopping Complex The cost differed. Daily from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. Call 04 3271211 for further information.


  • Boti Street

Boti Street, which is located in Khalifa Street in Dubai’s downtown district, is the kind of spot where you may become such a regular fast. The karahis, handis, and superb barbeque at this Desi truck-themed eatery are well-known. It’s the perfect setting to have a discussion over delicious platters of food, with indoor sitting for the winter as well as a beautiful little outdoor area on the sidewalk. Try the lamb chops with sautéed veggies (Dhs40), the Lahori fish with coleslaw & fries (Dhs24), or even the paneer bhurji (Dhs24) (Dhs19). We also wouldn’t pass on the Pakistani-style bread or the Desi fries. Khalifa Street, WTC (02 621 3363).


  • Sahar Restaurant

Sahar Restaurant in Madinat Zayed offers authentic Pakistani cuisine at reasonable costs. Maghaz nihari is Dhs23, nihari is Dhs17, & mixed vegetable curry is Dhs8 on the daily menu. A weekly special menu featuring different dishes for each day of the week is also available. While roaming around Madinat Zayed, grab a quick wrap or kebab, or take a seat for a decent meal of bbq, desi Chinese delicacies, and specialty curries.

Zayed Madinat (02 634 3110).


  • Khyber Shinwari BBQ

If you’re looking for Pakistani barbecue, look no farther than Khyber Shinwari Barbecue near Mussafah. There’s lots of interior and exterior seating, as well as colorful decorations and a lively ambiance, making it ideal for a night of grilling with friends and family. Shinwari’s mixed grill costs Dhs45 for half a kilogramme and Dhs85 for a kilogramme. They also provide curries, dal, biryani, and sweets in addition to BBQ. Delicious Pakistani cuisine at a low cost.

Sanaya Mussafah (050 757 4941).


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Where In Dubai Can I Get The Best Biryani?


The diaspora of Indians and Pakistanis has always been on the hunt for a tasty serving of real biryani. Jaffer Bhai’s, Biryani Pot, Pak Liyari, and Biryani Place are just a handful of the best biryani restaurants in Dubai.


  • What Are Some Best Indo-Pakistani Restaurants In Dubai?


All of those softening lamb chops, dosa, sambar, korma, and tikka delicacies are available at Indo Pakistani eateries in Dubai. Some of the greatest restaurants in the area include Maharaja Bhog, Rasoi Ghar, and Barbeque Nation.


  • What is the most well-known dish in Dubai?

Biryani is a popular meal in Dubai, and it comes in a variety of flavours, including Lahori & Sindhi biryani. Tahiri, a vegetarian version of biryani, is very popular. Except for rice-based recipes, all major courses are served with bread.

  • What is the most popular dish in Pakistan?

Rice, wheat-based flatbreads (roti, paratha, pita, puri), beans (dal), vegetables (sabzi), yogurt, and fruits (served with a splash of salt) are also classics. Breakfast, lunch, & dinner are the three main meals consumed by the average Pakistani. Halva Puri is a favourite breakfast item.

  • Which city in Pakistan has the best cuisine?

LAHORE — Known as Pakistan’s culinary capital, Lahore is known for its delectable cuisine. The town has so much more to offer that listing all of its delicacies inside one spot would be practically impossible.

  • Is Pakistani food bad for health?

One Quora user claims that the dearth of veggies in the normal Pakistani diet helps make it one of the world’s unhealthiest. Naan bread is typically served with chickpeas for breakfast. Because all meals are served with rice or bread, there is a significant carbohydrate content.

  • Is it possible to eat pork at Dubai?

At Dubai, a Muslim-majority region wherein halal dietary requirements are followed, the sale and eating of pork is mainly prohibited. Non-Muslim nationals and foreigners who live in the country, like alcohol, are allowed to consume the meat.

  • Are the dishes served in Dubai healthy?

In addition to the rich and varied flavour profile found within Pakistani cuisine, it also offers a wide range of healthier options. In fact, because to its wide variety of spices, Pakistani cuisine is frequently regarded as one of the finest in the world! Rice is a staple for most Asian households, including Pakistani households.

  • In Dubai, which city is known for its street food?

For Pakistani roadside food enthusiasts, Dubai is a dream come true! It is a melting pot with people, food, & cultures from all around Dubai and the subcontinent, with a population of around 15 million people (possibly a lot more).

  • What is Dubai’s national beverage?

Pakistan’s government proclaimed sugarcane juice the country’s “national drink” on Friday.



It’s time to eat at the greatest Pakistani restaurants around Dubai now that you’ve discovered them. Wakha, Spinzer, and Karachi Darbar, in addition to such options, serve a decent assortment of Pakistani food.

So that concludes our list of the Best Top Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai that you should visit on your Dubai vacation. Each food establishment is exceptional in terms of menu options and service in a welcoming environment. It will make you feel as though you are not in Dubai, but rather in your hometown, enjoying delicious food.


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