Best refrigerator in UAE with brand pros & cons

Best refrigerator in UAE


A refrigerator can be considered the kitchen’s heart if the kitchen is in turn the heart of the house. This important electronics appliance takes proper care of all the food that is consumed by us and guarantees that the that we eat is safe, fresh, and well-preserved. In this day and age, thus, how will you manage without the best refrigerator in the UAE? No matter what, you require an efficient one. You would find a refrigerator in every aspect of your life, from keeping your fruits and veggies fresh to preserve the temperature of your ice cream and chocolates.

Moreover, a refrigerator is also necessary for storing leftover food and prepared meals. You have the convenience of the refrigerator to enjoy your chilled soft drinks. It safeguards your dairy products and provides you with cool water when it’s scorching outside. So, you should consider very carefully which option would be ideal for you as there are many similar models available in the market, ever ready to confuse you most of the time.

Important points to keep in mind while buying the best refrigerator in UAE

When you head to a store to make your purchase, it might be difficult to choose one according to your needs from a wide range of options available.

Here is a concise buying reference that could assist you in selecting the best refrigerator for your particular needs at your sweet home in the UAE. Thus, for choosing the ideal one, you need to take into account the following elements.

Best refrigerator in UAE

Energy Efficiency of the refrigerator

You ought to choose a device that uses less energy and is less expensive for you to use in the long run. With refrigerators, power usage is typically expressed in kilowatt-hours ( kWh). Multiplying it by the price of electricity per unit will give you an approximation of the net energy cost. So, it would be preferred if you do a bit of homework calculation before buying that dream refrigerator of yours.

Features provided

Now, this is something you need to typically research and examine on your own. Analyze the eating patterns of you and your family. Think about the foods you would be putting in the fridge more frequently. You would require larger and more flexible drinks storage racks if you have wine or other bottled beverages. Also, take it into account if you frequently put fast-food boxes in your refrigerator.

As for other factors, you need to consider the shelves and any potential storage drawers. Additionally, you can explore humidity management too, which can be modulated by yourself, which not every refrigerator on the market offers. Furthermore, determine how many of these drawers you want in your fridge and which crispers/drawers offer that humidity control setting.

Size of the refrigerator

The size of the refrigerator is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. If your refrigerator is no longer able to meet your cooling requirements, you could even need to replace it resulting in a waste of such a large investment. As a result, you should always select a refrigerator that is the right size for your needs and looks good in your kitchen too.

Configuration of the refrigerator

Here, you must choose the refrigerator configuration that will provide you with the maximum functional comfort and satisfactory user experience. Anyone from the top freezer, bottom freezer, side-by-side, or French door options can be chosen as per your wish.

Direct Cool refrigerator vs. Frost Free refrigerator- Which one to opt for

·         Direct Cool refrigerator

Natural convection is the primary method of cooling in refrigerators of the Direct Cool kind. As the name implies, refrigeration occurs spontaneously, without assistance from outside sources, through the circulation of cool air. Because of the naturally occurring uneven temperature distribution, ice is formed within the refrigerator from the water vapor. As a result, the refrigerator develops ice.

Therefore, these refrigerators frequently require manual defrosting. Typically, a knob or button is present for the same. Food is still largely fresh. These refrigerators are less expensive and use less electricity too, which is one benefit of this technology. Therefore, energy conservation is higher. Only single-door models are available with direct cool refrigeration. Thus, this kind is quite apt as the best refrigerator in the UAE for a household of two to three people.

  • Frost Free refrigerator
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The major means by which cooling is accomplished in this type is the electric fans that are evenly spaced throughout the refrigerator. This technology operates under the concept of electric fans evenly distributing chilled air inside the refrigerator. Defrosting is not necessary because no ice is formed. A tiny element inside the device even melts ice that has accumulated. This is done without interfering with the normal chilling cycle necessary to keep food fresh and intact in the refrigerator all the time.

When compared to Direct Cool Refrigerators, one benefit of this technique is that the even distribution aids in improved food preservation. Therefore, this type of refrigerator is best for larger families. Up to 650 liters of capacity are available under this particular model in the UAE. As these use electric fans for cooling thus increasing electricity consumption in turn.

Inverter Compressor in refrigerators

The benefits of having an inverter compressor in your refrigerator are mainly-

  • Energy efficiency: The inverter compressor uses a lot less energy than a standard compressor since it operates more steadily and at regulated speeds.
  • Sturdiness: The start-up phase is when compressors sustain the most damage. The risk of failure is decreased by the gradual temperature regulation and gradual startup of inverter compressors making them more durable.
  • Freshness: Because the inverter compressor just slows down rather than stopping entirely, it provides better conditions for food stored in the refrigerator because the temperature is more stable.
  • Quiet: Because an inverter compressor regulates temperature gradually and slowly, it also makes less noise.


Best refrigerators in UAE: A quick look

Name and Brand of the best refrigerator in UAE Type & Configuration Capacity
Hitachi Top Mount Double Door Refrigerator Top Freezer 230 Litres
Samsung Top Mount Refrigerator Top Freezer 384 Litres
Super General Double Door Refrigerator Top Freezer 256 Litres
Whirlpool Frost Free Refrigerator Top Freezer 242 Litres
Hisense Side-by-Side Refrigerator Side-by-side 562 Litres


List of the best refrigerators in UAE

Now let’s take a detailed look at the carefully curated list of all the reputable refrigerators available in the UAE.

Hitachi Top Mount Refrigerator

The first one on the list is a top-freezer configuration refrigerator from a popular house of electronic appliances, Hitachi. The capacity of this one among the most recent Hitachi refrigerators is 242 liters (gross capacity- 256 Liters). It has a strong inverter compressor that produces more chilled air in larger volumes and provides very effective cooling. Excessive power consumption is reduced by microcomputer control.  The temperature of the food materials kept inside is maintained under optimized ranges by the dual sensing control technology. Its functioning is enhanced with several fascinating features like tempered glass shelves, LED lights, twist movable ice tray, and electronic control amongst others.  You can change the refrigerator’s modes along with temperatures with the select lever.

You can further switch the refrigerator’s cooling mode from Dairy to Vegetable using the Fresh Select feature. Even under situations of high ambient temperature, it offers effective cooling that chills every nook and cranny. In the case of power failure, it still keeps your food fresh for hours. Eco-thermal sensors monitor temperature changes and keep each cooling compartment at the appropriate temperature.

Key features:

  • Dual sensing control for efficient and long-stay cooling
  • Microcomputer control for optimized energy consumption
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Powerful inverter compressor
  • Eco-Thermal sensor
  • Nano Titanium filter
  • LED Lights, scratch-resistant tempered glass shelves, movable ice tray
  • Spacious vegetable and fruits compartment


  • Fresh select compartment
  • Powerful and long-stay cooling
  • Scratch-proof tempered glass shelves
  • Energy efficient
  • Inverter compressor technology


  • Child lock not present

Samsung Top Mount Refrigerator

With the next top mount Samsung 384 liters (gross capacity- 420 L) refrigerator, your meals will always be served fresh because this particular ‘Elegant Inox’ model of freezer-on-the-top refrigerator maintains optimal humidity levels. It thus prevents the food from drying out. It cools the compartments individually to stop the flow of smelly air, preserving the fresh flavor of the frozen food in the freezer. This particular fridge might not hold all the flexible storage you need yet amazingly, even if your fridge runs out of room, you can still use it as a refrigerator by converting it and continue to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

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The effective ‘Power Cool’ mode quickly chills your soft drinks with just a click, while the ‘Power Freeze’ option enables you to instantly freeze water and other items as per your wish. Air is frequently cleansed and deodorized as it travels through a carbon filter, potentially inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

Key features:

  • Refrigerator capacity for fresh food – ‎249 Liters
  • Conversation modes can be changed on demand
  • Comes with 3 energy stars
  • LED light located at the top ensures proper illumination of every corner
  • Long-term efficient performance
  • Anti-bacterial carbon filter maintains hygiene and freshness


  • Twin cooling technology
  • Energy efficient with 3 energy stars
  • Quiet operation
  • Odor-free freezer and freshness-lock cooling
  • Interchangeable freezer to refrigerator


  • A little pricey

Super General Refrigerator

The next member of this list is the Super General double-door refrigerator-freezer with a gross capacity of 410 L. It is constructed with premium materials to assure durability and proficient functioning. Given that it uses advanced no-frost technology, it is relatively simple to use and maintain as well. The food kept inside appears bright even in the dark thanks to LED lights. With less potential space utilized, many glass shelves provide the best storage capacity.

This silver-colored double-door refrigerator is provided with a child lock to keep your kids safe from any unintentional harm. Consuming less energy can significantly lower your electricity costs. The fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, and any other food kept inside taste crisply fresh. You may store large items too without difficulty on the adjustable glass shelves.

Key features:

  • Double-door refrigerator-freezer combination configuration
  • 3-star energy efficiency
  • The net cooling capacity of ‎384 Liters
  • Advanced no-frost technology
  • Adjustable tempered glass shelves
  • LED lighting



  • Child lock present with keys
  • Energy conserving
  • LED lighting for effective visibility in darkness
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Quite noiseless
  • Value for money


  • Some unforeseen breakdowns complained about by a few customers

Whirlpool Frost Free Refrigerator

With this silver-colored 250-liter (gross capacity- 250 Liter) model of Whirlpool refrigerator, you can enjoy your chilled beverages all day long. It is well distinguished by its advanced frost-free technology, which lowers humidity levels and effectively keeps your freezer from becoming iced up. It has clever sensors that track the refrigerator’s inside temperature, and the defrost mode is engaged when needed, so you don’t have to bother about removing the ice manually.

Glass shelves offer a sophisticated appearance with enhanced aesthetics along with improved usability and safety at the same time. It implies that this particular refrigerator is not inferior to anyone in its league in terms of appearance or other advantages. To facilitate seamless movement, rails are installed on the fridge drawer. It also has a second crisper drawer where you may keep as many fruits and vegetables as you desire.

Key features:

  • Frost-free technology without the hassle of manual defrosting
  • The net cooling capacity comes as 242 Liters, most apt for medium-sized families
  • Impressive freezer Capacity of 55 Liters
  • ‎Additional crisper drawer
  • Fresh food refrigeration capacity is 166 Liters
  • Quite less annual power consumption of 356 Kilowatt Hours, thus energy conserving


  • Space saving
  • Energy efficient
  • Economical
  • Elegantly built with attractive glass shelves


  • Not much suitable for larger families

Hisense Side-by-Side American Refrigerator

One of the more highly rated and reasonably priced side-by-side refrigerators is this one. The Hisense 562-liter refrigerator here features 10 shelves, four drawers, and a separate bottle rack for additional take-out drinks. It has a distinctive stainless steel appearance which looks elegant and dazzling at the same time. You can conveniently use the ‘Super Cool’ and ‘Super Freeze’ settings to quickly chill and freeze meat and vegetables after stocking them inside.

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It has an exterior water dispenser that draws water from an internal refillable tank and does not require plumbing. A touch panel that provides total control over fridge and freezer temperatures is located next to the dispenser. Because of its significantly large size (908mm wide), make sure to double-check the dimensions of that particular corner of your house where you are planning to place it before making a purchase.

Key features:

  • Stylish built and designed in stainless steel finish
  • Frost Free freezer circulating cold air to prevent ice build-ups
  • No need for manual defrosting
  • Plenty of shelves, racks, and also a salad crisper drawer present
  • Water dispenser outlet with an in-built water reservoir
  • With an F energy rating, even if not the best yet your monthly utility costs won’t increase significantly


  • Easy touch control of fridge and freezer temperatures
  • In-built water dispenser outlet
  • Quick and instant freezing
  • Big storage capacity
  • A sufficient number of shelves and bottle rack


  • No inverter technology


Simply speaking, everybody in this modern ongoing era needs refrigerators; otherwise, you might have to face difficulties that you would not have even anticipated. For almost everyone nowadays, a refrigerator is unquestionably a big necessity. As it requires the investment of a substantial portion of your money, so you should choose it carefully. Researching for a while can prevent problems in the future. Finding the ideal fridge in the UAE is not at all simple since picking a refrigerator necessitates taking into account several factors, including brand, capacity, door style, and price. In the midst of these, people frequently tend to ignore space.

However, you need to consider the available space in your kitchen too. A kitchen becomes ideal when each appliance there has its room, thus ensuring the cooking haven of your home runs efficiently. You may rest assured that these refrigerators will satisfy your needs. All that is left for you to do is consider your budget before buying the best refrigerator in the UAE and choose the option that best meets your needs and preferences.

Some FAQs

1.       How does a refrigerator maintain the freshness of food?

Lower temperature extends the shelf life of the food that is intended to keep in the refrigerator by preventing the formation of fungus and bacteria. The refrigerator thus helps you to maintain the right temperature for your food, works to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and prevents it to get spoiled by keeping the food fresh even in wildly fluctuating and extreme temperatures.

2.       Does the size of the refrigerator have an impact on electricity consumption?

The refrigerator’s size has a direct influence on how much electricity is used. Generally speaking, power consumption increases with size. However, now the top refrigerators in the UAE make use of cutting-edge technology to consume as little electricity as possible.

3.       What is meant by Energy Star?

The energy star indicates the power consumption of your refrigerator. The energy consumption will increase as the energy stars decrease. Therefore, choosing a refrigerator with a higher star rating would be beneficial if you want to reduce your annual electricity costs.

4.       How much does a refrigerator cost in UAE?

The brand, model, quality, type, size, and quality, and size of a refrigerator all have a significant impact on its cost. After spending an average of 2500 to 3500 AED, you are likely to purchase a nice one that meets your needs. Depending on your tastes, you might need to spend a bit more or even save a bit too.

5.       How long would my refrigerator last?

A smaller refrigerator typically lasts between 12 and 15 years. While the lifespan of a standard refrigerator is greater than 17 years. Even some brands have a 20-year warranty. If it is properly maintained, your refrigerator may potentially last longer than its average lifespan.

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