Best washing machine in UAE with brand pros & cons

Best washing machine in UAE

A washing machine in today’s daily life provides the exact reliable and essential aid that is needed for a hassle-free routine to run in your household. Thus, a trustworthy washing machine can save you a great amount of time and also a lot of everyday worries that might come in the path of your intended simple & peaceful life. A careless stain of coffee or tea or juice, dirt or grease from your outdoor ventures, or any other insignificant mark on your favorite piece of cloth can indeed build a significant piece of stress, which a capable washing machine can dissipate in mere minutes and thus, it no longer stays as the probable end of the world in your sweet abode. You can always stay tension free about your garments coming out as fresh as professional laundry in place of the irritating scream for an extra rinse.

Thus, washing machines have become an important part and parcel of our modern lifestyle. It is very evident how that certain machine member of your household cleaning regimen saves quite effortlessly much time and effort in your daily life, whether you are a simple homemaker in a certain quiet city of the UAE or an ever-busy office-goer in some bustling city there. They can take care of all sorts of notorious stains while operating more or less quietly and also can handle everything from larger curtains to delicate silk tops, from heavy cardigans to light handkerchiefs. So, whether you are planning to buy your first washing machine or are in the dire need of an emergency replacement, we are going to discuss all the nukes and related facts along with giving you the assorted list of the best washing machines available in the UAE.

General types of Washing Machines

There are different types of washing machines available in the market of the UAE and all those different types have different functional methods. The basic technique through which a particular washing machine works forms the foundation of the classification of all washing machines. And on that very basis, there are mainly three general types of washing machines which are discussed below. Understanding the differences and specific attributes would help you to choose the best and most apt one for you to use.

Best washing machine in UAE

  1. Semi-Automatic washing machine

A semi-automatic washing machine comes with separate washers and dryers, thus, two tubs for the individual processes. So the user needs to shift the clothes from the washer tub to the dryer tub when the washing cycle gets completed for the subsequent drying cycle to start, during the overall washing process.  This particular type of washing machine arrives with a relatively more affordable price tag and is also simple to use, consuming less electricity as well as water. Thus, these can be used conveniently from anywhere in the house with an electrical connection.

  1. Automatic, Top-Loading washing machine

Next comes the category of automatic washing machines, which has two further subcategories: top-loading and front-loading washing machines.

An automatic top-loading washing machine is a fully automatic one, in terms of functioning, having only a single tub for both the purposes of washing and drying. This comes with the option of loading clothes from above, which is why it is called such. These fully automatic machines need a continuous supply of water for the ongoing washing process, which results in ultimately higher water as well as power consumption. But this type of washing machine is easy to load with clothes as well as easy to handle and also comes with a height ideal for more or less universal usage.

Though the top-loading washing machines provide fewer wash mode options than the front-loading ones, even with a 30% slower spin speed, still they are easier to operate and also come with more affordable price tags compared to the front-loading washing machines.

  1. Automatic, Front-Loading washing machine
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This type of automatic washing machine comes with the option of loading clothes from the front, which is why it is named such. A front-loading automatic washing machine functions fully automatically and generally uses advanced technology like pre-set timers for cycles, more numbers & types of wash modes, and so on.

The spin speed of this type of automatic washing machine is higher than that of semi-automatic or even same-category top-loading washing machines, which ultimately results in the drying of the washed clothes in a shorter time, thus aiding in a more convenient overall washing experience. They tend to perform water and electricity saving too with up to 40% of water conservation.

Benefits of using Front-loading Automatic washing machine

In the current post-pandemic world, it has become even more necessary to diligently take care of one’s hygiene, and thus wearing freshly-washed clothes is a must now for our daily routine activities. This increased load of washing can only be accomplished with the help of a good and efficient washing machine. And this efficiency is the topmost priority and the main aim to accomplish in case of the top-loading automatic machines. So, the main reasons why the automatic front loaders are regarded as better than the top loaders are elaborated below.

  • The front-loading washing machines can clean very efficiently using only one-third amount of water, energy, and even detergent as compared to the top-loading ones.
  • The front-loaders function more proficiently in cleaning clothes while imparting less damage to the fabric, thus gentler in action.
  • The front-loaders show a larger loading capacity which allows them to do laundry in bulk, thus cleaning more clothes at once.
  • The front-loading ones produce considerably less noise during the spin or wash cycles, creating a more user-friendly environment without disturbing others around.
  • They generally come with more wash mode options and features.
  • Even though the initial investment might seem a bit large and thus higher than the top-loaders, considering the long-term benefits, they are no doubt worth going for.

List of the best washing machines in UAE

Given below is the list of the best washing machines in UAE from the most relevant brands available in the market.

Samsung 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine

As the first member on this list, we have the 8 Kg front-loading washing machine from the house of the reliable electronics giant, Samsung. The popular brand assurance gets united with advanced technology along with a stylish presentation in this particular model of a front-loading washing machine.


  • It is an elegantly trendy model of a fully automatic washing machine in black color, the particular model color depicted by the company as Inox with a crisp LED display.
  • This comes with the advantageous option of front loading with a capacity of 8 Kg and a great spin speed of 1200 RPM.
  • This provides efficient cleaning even at low temperatures through the innovative Eco Bubble technology, in which the detergent supplied is turned into bubbles so that it swiftly penetrates the fabric and simultaneously removes dirt more seamlessly. The whole process saves energy to a great extent and along with protects the color and maintains the quality as well as the texture of the fabric.
  • The fabric care attribute is further enhanced by the presence of the unique ‘diamond drum’ design that comes with smooth ridges and thus is gentle on the clothes and also prevents them from getting trapped on the drum.
  • It provides the clothes inside with a deep and hygienic cleaning, especially with steam. The ‘hygiene steam’ cycle potentially improves the cleaning quality of the wash by removing ingrained dirt, allergens, and bacteria, even without pre-treatments.
  • The energy efficiency is attributed to the in-built digital inverter technology that utilizes strong magnets for a more powerful and overall less noisy performance, yet consuming less energy than a standard universal motor.
  • The ‘Quick Wash’ feature is present and this particular program here in this provides a very efficient and fastest washing experience.
  • In terms of drum sanitization, this comes with the proficient ‘Eco Drum’ cleaning technology that keeps the washer perfectly neat and clean without the traces of harsh chemicals, and the completion of the process is notified automatically.
  • This comes with an automatic error-monitoring system that expertly detects the problem when the washing machine shows some sort of faulty functioning and sends the information directly to the connected app on your Smartphone providing the simplest of solutions.
  • It comes with a solid 1 Year manufacturer warranty, that assures the user of tension-free usage.
  • The design is laden with the A+++ class for energy efficiency.
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  • User-friendly intelligent interface
  • Operates on advanced Eco Bubble technology for enhanced quality of washing
  • Power-conserving and energy efficient
  • Comes with an intensive stain-removal system
  • Saves time and produces less noise


  • The machine drum might show some imbalance issues at times

LG 7 Kg Direct Drive Motor Front Load Washing Machine (Model No.- FH2J3QDNP0)

Next comes another giant in the electronic appliances industry, LG with their 7 Kg front-loading washing machine that can prove as another efficient laundry mate for your home.


  • It is a compact and pretty model of a fully automatic washing machine in white, that comes with a wide touch panel which makes it much easier to handle and control, and a dazzling crystal-glazed door.
  • The crisp display is laden with LED backlighting.
  • The sturdy build of this particular washing machine accounts for high durability, thus imparting a high-reliability score as well with its unique design
  • The front loading opportunity comes coupled with a maximum spin speed of 1000 RPM, which is quite impressive as per the size and capacity of this model of the fully automatic washing machine.
  • A proficient optimal washing is performed by the 6-motion ‘Inverter Direct Drive’ technology that ultimately makes all kinds of fabric apt and suitable for washing.
  • The ‘Smart Diagnosis’ technology from the house of LG aids in solving any sort of mechanical issue that might arise fully automatically.
  • The quick wash mode in this is powerful along with many other efficient wash mode options available from the multi-program feature, collectively aiding in a quick and seamless washing experience.
  • It further comes with a special turbo wash mode with enhanced speed for better efficiency as well as performance.
  • Chemical-free sanitization of the drum is present in it for a cleaner and safer user experience.
  • There is also a children’s lock option available for added security along with a system to detect foam in the air.
  • It comes with a solid 1 Year manufacturer warranty, that assures the user of tension-free usage.


  • Durably built with style
  • Several efficient wash modes with a powerful quick washing option
  • Easy to user touch user interface
  • Inverter direct drive motor technology
  • Efficient troubleshooting


  • A slight disparity in the cleaning quality can be observed a few times


Whirlpool 7 Kg Freestanding Front Loading Washing Machine (Model No.- FWF71052W GCC)

Whirlpool, as a globally recognized brand of washing machines also has a member from their manufacturing house in this list of best washing machines in UAE. The 7 Kg freestanding model of front loading washing machine provides some best-in-class features along with advanced functionality.


  • It is a stylish model of front-loading washing machine in elegant white color with a sturdy transparent window and a clear display through the LCD screen.
  • It comes having a capacity of 7 Kg and a maximum spin speed of 1000 RPM.
  • This fully automatic machine keeps the garments fresh with the Fresh Care technology while washing and also preserves the amount of hygiene by gently tumbling the clothes after each cycle ends. The freshness is thus locked successfully by inhibiting the proliferation of the main odor source by this, even when the laundry is left inside for several hours inside the drum.
  • The soft movement of the drum is specially customized for the tender care of the garments.
  • An extraordinarily effective 15°C wash under the name of the ‘Colors 15 program’, which is characteristic of this washing machine, keeps your colors preserved as well as brighter and protected from dullness for a longer period.
  • The ‘Start Delay’ option provides a great opportunity to set your washing program to begin at your convenience very effectively.
  • There is also a child lock option available for added security.
  • It comes with an assured 1 Year manufacturer warranty.
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  • Cutting-edge technology for improved and gentle washing
  • Preserves fabric color and quality
  • Free-standing model in terms of installation
  • Pre-set timer option is available
  • Toughened transparent window


  • The machine can be a little noisy at times

Super General 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (Model No.- SGW6100-NLED)

The final one on this list is a budget-friendly automatic front-loading washing from the popular brand Super General that shows some impressive features along with efficient functionality as well.


  • It is a compact yet trendy model with a 6 Kg capacity in a pure white color with a clear LED display.
  • It comes with 23 wash mode programs for a wide range of fabric types and kinds.
  • The spin speed comes at a gentle yet effective 1000 RPM.
  • Particularly the ‘Eco wash’ mode is perfect for the right amount of water and heat incorporation while washing.
  • The ‘Quick Wash’ mode is very efficient in this, taking only mere 15 minutes to wash clothes that don’t have too much dirt on them but still need laundry care, like for maintaining a fresh summer routine, that too in a very short time.
  • An added layer of gentle user care is provided by the ‘Extra Rinse’ program which functions by washing the clothes without detergent after a washing cycle is finished so that any sort of skin allergy or problems from residual detergent in the garments can be avoided.
  • This comes with a special ‘Self-clean’ mode that aids in keeping the washer neat and clean for a better washing experience.
  • It also comes with the helpful ‘Child Lock’ feature for added security stopping your child from playfully changing the mode.
  • Finally, this comes with a 1 Year manufacturer warranty assuring tension-free usage.


  • Energy and water efficient design
  • ESMA’s four-star certificate
  • Impressively quiet wash cycles
  • Free-standing model in terms of installation
  • Extra rinse mode for discarding residual detergent from the washed clothes


  • The soap dispenser gets damaged easily


A washing machine can be regarded as an essential electrical appliance in any modern household, whether be it from the UAE or any other part of the world. It effectively allows us to detach ourselves from the arduous task of washing clothes solely by hand on the basic level but on top of that it also usually provides the user certain functions, like adding extra stain removers, or softeners to the clothes automatically at the convenient timing, without repeated intervention from your side, thus cutting short the time of direct manual involvement wonderfully less. But, as buying a good washing machine is quite a significant investment, so, it is convenient to go through a detailed analysis of the characteristics and the functions of the particular washing machine you are intending to buy and simultaneously, whether it perfectly suits the intended needs of your household or not. Thus, we hope to serve that exact purpose of yours through the above-mentioned details here regarding selecting the best washing machine in the UAE.

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