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NordVPN Coupon Discount

VPN  services can be what would make it one of the excellent means to help you in taking care of the privacy and other online requirements. One of the excellent options in terms of an exciting VPN services can be NordVPN. Let us undertake a complete review into the NordVPN.

NordVPN – The Best VPN in UAE

NordVPN is owned by Nord Security and is headquartered at Panama. It caps the account on six devices and thus it would be a great option for the small businesses. If you are into a business that needs more than six devices, you can make use of another product from the brand that includes NordLayer.

nordvpn coupon discount

NordVPN does come with more than 5100 servers across 60 countries. You can find it offering you a great degree of speed and security. The access to more servers would mean that there would be less load on the servers. The faster speeds offered by the service can further make it a formidable choice. Multiple locations is yet another prime option that you would further find quite impressive.

The Prime features offered by NordVPN

Having gone through the basic overview of the NordVPN service, let us now check out a few features in a finer detail.

Streaming services supported

NordVPN does support a good number of streaming services. we found it one of the easiest options to access almost every streaming service that you can think of. We found the VPN failing to unblock every service we tried except for Amazon Prime Video and Sky Go.

The VPN service also offers you with the streaming optimised servers that you can perhaps try out. Connecting to the NordLynx protocol helped me get better speeds.

A few of the streaming services that you would find interesting included

Netflix MSNBC Funimation Peacock TV DAZN Hulu Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar
Fox Sports Rai Play AT&T ITV Hub RTL Crunchyroll SBS Australia
YouTube TV HBO Max and HBO Go Pandora Globo and Globo Sportv TVING Kodi Paramount Plus
Sling TV ESPN and ESPN+ ZDF Salto Yle TF1 TG4



When it comes to the connection speeds, we were impressed with the consistently faster speeds. When it is quite common to observe the servers to go slow when they are far from your location, but with NordVPN, we found the speeds to be quite consistent across the servers in different countries.

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With the best speeds that we could achieve, we were able to stream the content for longer durations without any lag or buffering issues. The low ping even assisted in playing the games more effectively.

Even when the speeds were impressive, we observed that it took a little time to establish the connection at times. This was more common with the US and Canadian servers. However, using the NordLynx Protocol offered better speeds. It is based on WireGuard technology and has been the fastest technology in the world. Even when it may not be a secure protocol, it has been observed to provide you a powerful speedy performance.


Are the NordVPN speeds perfect for gaming? It should be the great gaming VPN and it can be the best that happen to you. You can enjoy a completely lag free gaming at its best.

NordVPN makes the smoother gameplay possible and the performance would largely be dependent on the servers. It is observed to be faster on the local servers, but we observed a good performance on some long distance servers as well. It is advisable to ensure that you need to choose the right server with the ping lower than 100ms.

The server network

The VPN has more than 5500 servers in 59 countries globally. Given the fact that most of the servers provide you a maximum number of servers at the rate of around 3000, that should be an impressive number.

The servers on NordVPN are divided in the following categories –

  • Double VPN – Double VPN is an advanced VPN security feature which routes your traffic through two VPN servers instead of one. There are more than 90 servers that provide you a great Double VPN security feature.
  • Dedicated IP – A dedicated IP is assigned solely for you to use. In contrast to the shared IP address is distributed across several users and the dedicated IP address is unique to your own account.
  • Standard VPN or Shared IP address – This is what we explained in the previous section. You have more than 5500 standard VPN servers.
  • P2P – These servers are designed specifically to work with the P2P/Torrenting/File-sharing purposes. The precise number of servers with P2P compatibility is not known.
  • Obfuscated- The Obfuscated servers are capable of completely hiding the fact that you are using a VPN servers. NordVPN offers you over 150 Obfuscated servers.
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Threat Protection

Threat protection is yet another unique feature offered by the NordVPN service. It supersedes the previous CyberSec security. It is designed to protect you from web trackers, malware-riddled websites, files filled with virus, trojans, and even malicious web adverts.

It is not comparable to the complete a dedicated antivirus or malware tool. It is just an add- on for your existing service.

Auto Connect

Auto connect is a unique feature is yet another unique option on the VPN service. It lets you establish  connection to a server as soon as you join a WiFi network. It can be configured to auto connect or you may even configure it to connect to the network. You can also choose the option to let the  VPN to  pick a protocol and server for themselves or choose them manually.

Customer support

As long as the customer support is concerned, you will find NordVPN providing you a highly full fledged experience. The 24 x 7 live chat, email support and an in depth data base a re a few of the parameters that should make it stand apart from the rest. You do not have access to a phone support though

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans offered by NordVPN are quite user friendly and quite practical in nature. The monthly subscription for NordVPN costs $11.99 per month. You can have as many s three different subscriptions plans to choose from.

You can choose between Standard, Plus and Complete. The standard plan is available at $3.49 per month. The Plus plan can be availed at $4.49 per month, while the Complete plan can be availed at $5.99 per month.

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A Few Pros and Cons

A few of the positives and negatives that you would find quite interesting can include the following.


  • One of the fastest VPNs
  • Can unblock most of the streaming services
  • An impressive number of servers
  • Independent and secure with no logs policy
  • Competitive and affordable pricing


  • Linux client is not aesthetic and does not feature a graphic interface
  • Windows app is a little sluggish
  • A little expensive

The Concluding Thoughts

NordVPN is a versatile and powerful VPN service that has been able to provide you a prominent service quality. The high end digital security that you stand to gain with the NordVPN should be something that you will find quite impressive in many ways. In our tests, we found it offering you access to one of the excellent options in terms of speed, security, streaming service compatibility and many other options.

A few FAQs

Is NordVPN a good VPN?

NordVPN is definitely a worthy option for improving and enhancing your privacy expectations. It is NOT part of any international surveillance alliance, and that would be what would make it stand apart from the rest.

How many devices can I use with NordVPN?

With NordVPN, you can use it on as many as 6 devices at a time. That would make it a good choice to go with in case you are a small business.

Does NordVPN work with Netflix?

NordVPN does work with Netflix. It can also work with a host of other streaming services that include Hulu, HBO max and many more. It was found not working with the Amazon Prime Video and Sky Go.



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